Future Training Locations.

Discussion in 'REME' started by Groover01, Apr 21, 2011.

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  1. Hello
    I work at Bordon as a civilian instructor, Does anyone have any idea's on the future locations and time frames for REME training?. Do the MOD still want tri service training under one roof? Thanks.
  2. The only duty rumour I have heard is that Arborfield must be packed up and moved by 2015 as the land is sold already. Where they are going or when who knows. As a contingency plan I would aim off for Bordon to follow suit shortly afterwards. But what do I know, I'm just a lowly spanner bender.
  3. I reckon Libya is a future training location.
  4. Techs in Libya? Not till Aramark have set the brew kit up first.
  5. Thanks Rat
  6. It had been planned that everything would be moving to St Athans, including Signals and other technical trade training throughout the Army until Bordon and Arborfield were saved.....now that was Plan Z and last year that plan was shelved ...................so expect the wheel to be re - invented and revert back to previous ideas.
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  8. I thought the land was up for sale in 1988. Or was that just a rumour then as well.
  9. It's all just a ploy to avoid having to spend a single penny on improving the shit accommodation at bordon.
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  10. Latest from puzzle palace is that we may be heading off to Scotland to take over Lossiemouth or Kinloss. Lots accomm and hanger space and the local economy needs the boost.
  11. I take it the lads on their Class 1 courses will be charging the Sprogs more than £15 a return journey on weekend leave journeys if its in Jockland.
  12. Doesn't make much sense to me that. Besides I believe that units returning from BFG have been earmarked for postings there
  13. The possible solutions are still up in the air.

    No firm decision has been made about whether a full Tri-Service training establishment is possible/wanted/worth pushing forward. There where around 25 possible solutions for various training solutions, these will be weeded down to a hand few in the near future.

    I would not expand further at the present time. All the information is disseminated regularly through the military network. If your a civilian instructor am I right to guess your VT?

    If so well as you will know your a contractor and certain information would not be passed to you or your colleagues for obvious reasons. This I know does not help your future plans.

    I would say not to listen to rumours about Scotland or any other location, they are just that ..rumours.
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  14. Recently joined and scanning the forum, fell upon this.
    The latest is, with the closure of RAF Lyneham 2012, this will become the all arms training establishment wef 2013.

    Barrie Arborfield 65C
  15. Thanks capnbas1
    its all been covered in another thread now