Future Telic deployments?

I have just joined a TA Inf Regiment and should complete Phase 1 and 2 training by next summer. At the moment I am very eager for the chance to deploy on an operational tour to Iraq but am worried that I might have missed the boat. Does anyone know whether you can volunteer to deploy, how much prior training you would need, and how much longer the British Army will continue to send TA troops to Iraq? I want to know if there are any more opportunities for TA soldiers to deploy in the immediate future.

Also, it would be interesting to hear from any TA Inf soliders who have been to Iraq. What were your main tasks and did you feel you were treated on equal terms as the regulars (i.e. did you get lumped with the jobs that noone else wanted). Would you recommend the experience?

I know some of this ground may have been covered in previous scattered posts but I just wanted some upfront advice. Cheers lads,
I'll be blunt dude. Iraq is a sh1t hole. Its not a nice place and its not a safe place. You have nothing to prove by going over there.

You will most likely be treated as a younger brother until you prove your worth and then you will just blend in. However to the choggi's you will be no different. They will IED/RPG/Shoot/Mortar anybody in a uniform. Young or old, experienced or not. My advice to you is get some experience under your belt through courses and exercises like "Medman" in "BATUS" (The best exercse the army does in my opinion, ask your PSAO). Then when you have actually got your boots dirty and your ID card has dried think about it.

I admire how keen you are to get stuck in and give Abdul a bloody nose but at this stage in the game you wont be up to the fight! Good luck mate and concentrate on the task at hand. 'Finishing training and having a good start to your career in an ever improving branch of the army'

By the way how old are you dude?
I did telic 3 and enjoyed the experince never been moblised before expected a shit tour guard general duties guard etc.
We actually did a variety of tasks but mostly front gate,guard duty .I found the older guys handled the tour slightly better than the younger chaps .Your keeness is fine but 8weekends and 2 weeks training is not a lot .If you are moblised should get 3 months beat up training but we didn't .It can be a pretty uncomfortable place even before you add people trying to kill and the army bullshit machine which ramps up whenever the threat goes down .Your best getting some experince under your belt and wait till your unit
gets asked for volunters again . Even better try and get your first tape up so you get more money .
As an infantry soldier its patrols stag escorts ,but, mostly stag .If iraq stops still be afgan so wouldnt hurry .
Iraq aint stoppin. Look at the news mate. The Choggi security forces are mongs and jibbers on the whole. Not to mention two faced back stabbing turn coat cowards! There will be plenty of time for TELIC if not as has already been said Afgan could be interesting.

Also dont forget that the last wars arent being fought now. The british Army will be Killing Choggis in countries far and wide for years to come! So settle in mate these are interesting times that we are living in!
Well there are also rumours of op runaway at the first chance we get :D .So telic maybe coming to the end but its all above my pay grade .And your right it will be afgan or some other hole .Personally waiting for tour supporting the bermudean defence force . Well i can dream :lol: . May tony wants us to liberate tuscany .
Bad Crow,

Thanks for the advice. The reason I want to go is that there is nothing like an active tour for improving your standards as a soldier and putting things into perspective. I am 26, so old enough to have a level head and know what I want. However, you are right that I am jumping the gun. I've got recruit training to focus on yet.


A bit of advice. Avoid what I did and do a google image search for 'MPGS' when there are other people in the same room! And there was I innocently wanting to see pictures of serious looking men stagging on....
Im hoping for Op Minge The Yanks will call it operation Czech freedom. Where we deploy to prague to liberate young czech virgins from the opression of the hairy gothy eastern european types who aren't supplying them with what every free woman needs... Regular Bum love!
Can I volunteer for that Op too? Nothing like time spent deep in the bush, especially when it is for such a good cause. Have you been to Hungary? Expect major whiplash every time you walk down the street. And the best thing is that the Hungarian girls have class as well as looks, something I'm sure your familiar with coming from Merseyside...
Hungarian Girls ....... Doe eyed beauties . Can recommend Budapest for a night on the razz, and the women ....OMG did I mention the women? Beautiful, if you like them Brunette and big-eyed , gorgeous , fit as feck , lovely.

Oh yeah , what Woody and Bad_Crow said. There's plenty of time to get shot at ,you'll get a turn no dramas. Work up your skills, get a specialisation , Mortars/Guns/Sigs/CMT etc. We'll be in the 'stan for a while yet , and there are always other tours , see the Spy for details.
Been to budapest once, unfortunatly I spent the time being chased all over the place by knife wielding manics

But then again thats football for you :wink:

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