Future shape / role of the Oggies

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by PadMac, Jun 9, 2012.

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  1. Aside from expansion into fresh territories, what else is up on the option board?

    It seems the Oggie units are being re-roled away from Regiment to more CSS duties.

    Akin to the much discussed permanently attached part timers in regular army batallions, would something similar be afoot for the regular Raf Reg squadrons?
  2. I don't think that is strictly true. The Auggies are doubling in size, so keep much of the 'regiment' role, as well as specialist aeromed, loggy, int and other roles but are bring new squadrons on line, or increasing current squadrons, to encompass a more CSS-orientated role.
    I think it is a good move, it is the HQ formations that are short of staff, particularly with current enduring ops and the likelihood of more ops over the horizon, so staffing HQs with experienced and qualified auggies, seems logical. There I go, using silly words like logical !!
  3. Doesn't really matter, guys.

    31st March 2018 and your're time is up anyway. It will be like Logan's Run.
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  9. Now then chaps, back on topic please.
  10. Okay thanks for the reply TM.

    Do you see the Falklands as the next stomping ground for the Apes once Herrick draws down? I know Syria is flavour of the month at the moment but does Aki really need a RFS / regiment element on the ground, even if just to deter the nutters / spooks?
  11. Apart from TG 8, are there plans to expand the Comms/IS side of things? Maybe a TCW reserve or an IT expert pool as per R Sigs LIAG/LICSG?
  12. from what i have seen one sqn is going to be raf police, the rest are suppy and other support trade, not heard of any sigs