Future Reserves 2020 (FR20) - What exactly is it?

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Count Baton, Jan 14, 2012.

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  1. I've looked through the stuff on the army website but it's all really unclear.

    Is there anyone in the know that understands actually what's going to happen, or are we all waiting for the April 12 publication of the new army structure? Thanks.
  2. Our entire heavy armored capability will be transferred to the reserve.

    Which in practical terms means that A Sqn RWxY will get a Challenger 2 as a gate guardian...
  3. Basically, we are going to make the regular army redundant and then replace them with the highly committed reserve. For an example of how well this will work have a look at threads such as the shit job on tour one or the one asking if it's ok to miss a weekend of basic training to go on holiday.

    Hope this helps.
  4. FR2020 is an expression more of intent than reality.

    The intent is to bring the balance of reserves and regulars back into a line similar to that maintained by other nations.

    The reality is that it is trying to do it at a time when there is not much money, no much thinking (ala army wide Haldane reforms of the early C20), not much political will/experience (for a completely rewritten Armed Forces act) and not much love lost between TA/Regs (see comment above!).

    The current Figurehead of FR2020 is Deputy Commander Army (Reserves) aka General Gerald the Duke of Westminster. He has talked about rebranding the TA as British Army Reserves and has also done a number of roadshows to TA units in the regions. There hasn't been much substance as to what is going to be done with the budget increases/chunk of dosh the reserves have been given to get up to a strength of 30,000 trained. There doesn't also seem much coordination either with Army 2020.

    Look at One Of The Strange's comments on a number of different threads; he puts forward the idea that a greater push to weight the army's deployable capability for longer term operations to the reserves is part of a move to avoid putting UK Plc in a position when it could easily get involved again in commiting large numbers of troops to the ground without short term political impact. The concept is based on mass mobilisation of reserves being difficult to achieve through both cost and complaint.

    There are other aspects that do come into the mix; e.g Libya/OP ELLAMY in which regime change was perceived to be effected with only 50 pairs of UK boots on the ground.

    It might become clearer after April, but don't hold your breath as I suspect the Olympics and MOD support to it will then become the crocodile closest to the canoe
  5. Have you noticed the sudden increase in TA recruiting, sad to think we are making regular soldiers redundant who were committed to a full career and at the same time recruiting TA. Maybe they think that all those being made redundant will join the TA, to help out.
  6. From what I can tell, a lot are moving to the TA. I know I would.

    Typical of the joined up thinking that goes on in the MoD an easy, fast track route has been set up to encourage soldiers to join the TA thus keeping those with potential and high skills within the fold.
  7. Hopefully it will include lots of civilian staff jobs for ex military getting out around about 2016 :)
  8. I have to tell you that no one in the recruiting world knows about this "Fast track" does it look like a rainbow and have a pot of gold at the end of it ?????
  9. [​IMG]

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  10. They will be equipped with bog standard land rovers and told to pretend they are tanks
  11. In the interests of clarity, His Grace is now Deputy Commander Land Forces (DCLF).

    Never mind the TA, did anyone notice that the DII 'Message of the Day' (which the iHub Nazis insist is now 'autolaunched' on startup) for the Tranche 2 announcement day was an ad for the MGS?

    "Morning, Sergeant Gripswitch."
    "Never mind the small talk, Brigadier, I'm late so just get the fecking barrier up, and look sharp about it!"

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  12. Instead of starting a new thread I thought I'd recycle this one.:grin:
    How many different departments and committees are having an input into the establishments of the various reserves units? By my (albeit amatuer) reckoning we have the various capability directors, DM(A), DPS, APC and LFEC all pulling in different directions and not telling the reserve units what manning they don't want.
    Can someone reassure me that somewhere, someone is joining up this chaos into a list of credible 8005's?
  13. No.
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  14. The exact clarity totally lacking in the carnage of FR2020 establishment decision making......
  15. The MoD's plan to reform the Army goes awry
    [​IMG]"A plan to restructure the armed forces by boosting the number of reservists has been placed on a government watchlist of troubled projects, a blow to Number 10’s hopes of convincing critical backbenchers that defence cuts will not compromise UK security. ... At the heart of the blueprint is a plan sharply to increase the number of reservists to make up for a 20 per cent cut in the regular army. So far, however, army reserve numbers have barely risen, remaining around the 19,000 level they were at when the coalition came to power." - Financial Times