future pub landlord wants some advice

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by tripod, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. Ladies and gents.

    After nearly 22 years in the army, its time to call it a day and hang up my boots.
    I've decided to convert a life long hobby into a career and get myself a pub.
    The plan is to manage a pub for a brewery for a couple of years then once happy with my chosen career, plough all my hard earned pension gratuity into a pub of my own.
    If there are any publicans out there any advice this would be most appreciated.
  2. edited for not being polite enough to read the original post. :oops:
  3. yeah thats what i thought armchair_jihad. Which is why i am going down the manager route first. Thanks for your reply anyway. Any other tips would be helpfull.
  4. I did my resettlement with this company http://www.herrontraining.com/index.htm and the course was superb both the work side and the 4 week social..

    Unfortunately that was a few years ago but I wouldnt expect the standard to be any less.

    As it is I didnt go into the trade at that time (moved overseas) but am using the knowledge to find my first pub at the moment.

    As for the course it really will show you both the good and bad sides of the trade and wether or not it is for you. In particular the 2 week placement was a real eyeopener.

    Good luck
  5. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Tripod, you have the first step sussed correctly, work for a managed company and then get your own place once you know the ropes.

    My advice would be to approach all of the big 5 breweries with your CV, as they will always be looking for good new talent. The advantage of going to the big boys is that they will put you through a proper training program, usually BII (British Institute of Innkeepers) accredited, understudying on of their better managers. Stay away from the smaller outfits (usually 5-10 tenancy pubs) as they offer little support.

    Greene King, Allied, Fullers, Young’s etc are all good

    One other thing to note is that most brewery positions are for couples only, so your other half must be fully up for it as well or it will place huge stresses on your partnership.

    Lots of advice to be found here:


    I used to be an Assistant Area Manager for one of them, so pm me if you need more details. Best of luck and remember that you will never go to sleep on the same day as you wake up ;)
  6. Guys this is all good stuff.
    Funny old thing....i am doing the "herrontraining" pub manager course. Held in Lancaster i believe!
  7. I'm a licensing consultant (and also do training - you should get good service from Herron - make sure you do your NCPLH exam with them)

    If you need advice on how to apply for your licences PM me!
  8. guys
    As soon as i have a pub, i'll let you know so you can pop in for a pint......or ten
  9. The course is held at The Greaves Hotel, Lancaster.

    Just make sure you take lots and lots of beer tokens !
  10. What job did you do in the army maybe that will have some baring on making a pub ago working for a PRT for example wouldnt hurt
  11. bugger, i'm rumbled
  12. My advice is don't drink in licensed hours on your own premises AND take a night/afternoon off each week without fail. Oh and ban the first Walt you find! :)
  13. Where will your pub be???????????
  14. Probably in the Nottinghamshire/leicestershire area.
    I'll broadcast it as soon as confirmed
  15. maybe it could be one of the locations for next years xmas pub crawl.