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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Kaye, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. It will be a while before I'm qualified, but I'm allowed to daydream, so I'd like your views in this. Here goes:

    After little over a decade in the (Dutch) Infantry I'm now being sponsored by the Army to retrain as a nurse. It's a four year course crammed into two-and-a-half years and after that I'll be thought all sorts of snacks that the Army wants its nurses to have. First line medicine; out of area nursing and the ambulance nurses course are most prominent.

    Sounds terrific, doesn't it? I'm enjoying myself immensely even though I'm now doing an internship in a civilian PG ward...

    In one and a half years I'm told that I'll get a little say in my first posting as a nurse. What should I choose? A brigade medical unit or a manoeuvre unit because I have Infantry experience and can handle myself there; or a field hospital or ambulance company because it'll be my first posting as a nurse?
    My fellow students (about a third of them ex-inf or cav with a sprinkling of engineers and logistics) and I can't find a fitting answer to that.

  2. Dutch or british??
  3. I would suggest were you would get the most oppertunity to put the nursing skills you hav been taught to best practice and learn your trade, as you have already stated you have the infantry skills and are happy with them so get your nursing skills to the same standard and then go back to the manoeuvre unit.


  4. Kaye, I am assuming as an infanteer you are male. I also make the assumption you are not gay. In which case, go where the totty is.
  5. I was thinking the same, but I'm not sure if a medical subunit of a manoeuvre unit is the best place to develop the nursing skills and drills. Can you tell me that?
    Or do I first go to a Field hospital or something and then go back to an infantry unit?

    And, BlokeonaBike, I let the pussy come to me, mate! It's hard to study with so many distractions at the school here :)
  6. Guessing your Dutch set up, of which I have no knowledge so wouldn't like to advise. I would possibly suggest speaking with your Chain of Command and seeking thier advice as to were they think you will gain the most nursing experiance!