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future posting locations

Discussion in 'REME' started by sharkie, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. i am looking in to getting posted to a reme battalion in germany . am just curious as to where in germany the reme battalions are and if there are posts for a rlc full screw driver radio operator. any help valued

    and please no anti rlc spam thanks
  2. Yes go to 1bn REME it, was the best posting of my army career.... NOT, they have moved to catterick now however I would be vey waring going to any REME Battalions.

    Have you ever had a psychological examination? AVOID THEM LIKE A DOSE OF THE CLAP, AND THEY FULL OF PUMPERS..
  3. ok why is that. it cant be any worse than being posted with the medic like i am now!?
  4. Mate I guarantee its worse, you will get fecked around from arrsehole to breakfast.
  5. ok so i take it that you didnt like it there then . any one else got something to say about poss reme locations and posting?
  6. i am looking at 1 and 3 bn any thoughts? issues? good and bad points?
  7. Only 2 and 3 Bn in Germany now, Fallingbostel and Paderborn respectively. Paderborn, possibly the best Garrison town left now, but that depends on whether you like Germany. If you're married, you might get housed in Detmold which is a bit of a friction for some.

    We have Dvr Rad Op Cpls with other considerably larger LADs than the Medics as well, Engrs and Arty spring to mind. These are much more autonomous posts than the Comd Tp or the MT of a REME Bn. While each Bn seems to do things a little differently, I don't recall a specific post for an RLC Dvr Rad Op. Comd Tp posts used to be a slot for any cap badged communications specialist.

    Your call.
  8. I Bn will be in Catterick in a mater of weeks so not much of a posting to Germany!! They won't be replaced out there either on todays money.

  9. Oh balls, i am off here, yet to find anyone with a good word :lol:
  10. yeah i havent heard a good thing about them yet. hence why i am thinking of going for 3 bn in paderborn
  11. If you really want to go to a REME batt, go to Paderborn.....not for the unit.....for the social life :)
  13. 2 bat is fine as is 3 bat, if you go to a bat try to get the job as driver oc fwd A, at least you will get out and about on tour, outside of that driver rad ops are used as oc driver at line inf units..................