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Discussion in 'RLC' started by sharkie, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. i am looking in to getting posted to a reme battalion in germany . am just curious as to where in germany the reme battalions are and if there are posts for a rlc full screw driver radio operator. any help valued
  2. Thought you wanted to go EOD!!!!

    Your other thread.

    Retrade to Supplier (combat matress storeman is the new name I believe), you'll stand a better chance.
  3. i was but i recently got an email from 11 eod (rcmo ) to say that there are no posts in the regiment for me so i am looking down other venues
  4. Sharkie,

    You were selected on the full screw board but can't find out about potential postings yourself :?

    You obviously have access to the internet - use it!

  5. Sharkie,

    My bad! There's me (replying to your Internet request for info) telling you to use the Internet to find out about potential postings. :oops:

    There is plenty of information available (on the Intranet and Internet) for you to make up your own mind.

  6. yeah i have realised that i can find out about how many full screws in my trade are scaled for different areas of the world i was just trying to gain info from the various peeps who read this site
  7. 2 CS Bn REME in Fally
    3 CS Bn REME in Paderborn

    1CS Bn REME move from Osnatraz to Catterick in the very near future. I believe there are Cpl Rad Op jobs in the Bns.
  8. cheers i am looking more in to 3 bn but i have been unable to find out info
  9. Go to Armynet/promotions/latest list/full screws and run your eye down the list for Dvr/Rad Ops based in the REME Bns. It will only identify one year's worth of posts but will give you an idea!

    You could also try using Armynet to contact them (if they use it!).

  10. had a chat with the rcmo in 3 bn who was very helpful and has guided me in the right direction so that is me pretty much sorted now. thanks every one