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The Future Pension Scheme Survey is available on-line here - SurveyMonkey: Free online survey software & questionnaire tool takes about 2 mins to fill in and will form the 'evidence' for the Future Armed Forces Pension Team to use when they are negotiating with the Treasury at the end of May this year. I know many of you will be cynical about these sort of things, but the more service personnel that fill it in the more chance the Team will be able to justify to the bean counters in the Treasury a more advantageous scheme design (i.e. less-disadvantageous!)
Gully Foyle,

You might get more responses if you provide the link to the MOD webpage Ministry of Defence | About Defence | What we do | Personnel | Armed Forces Pensions Compensation and Veterans | Find out about The Future Armed Forces Pension Scheme so that people can see it is not just some random bloke on the internet who has set up a survey for shits and giggles.

How do you propose to filter out those no longer serving, never served and just filling in a load of bollocks to screw your Data if it is open to anyone to fill in?

Shiny - good point - thanks! With regards to random people screwing up the stats, monkeysurvey has some sort of filter that stops mass responses from one IP address - although mil IP addresses have been excluded so that a large group of service personnel can all use the same terminal. Regardless, from what I've seen of the stats so far, the malicious filling in of a load of surveys is the least of the team's worries at the moment - the Army has only completed around 1900 surveys compared to over 2000 from the RAF (for obvious reasons such as greater DII availability on RAF stations etc). Given that RAF airmen can serve to 55 it means that they could have significantly different views, and therefore influence, on the timing of the Early Departure Payment and the balance of EDP v Lump Sum. Clearly the team will not only use the surveys to design the new scheme - the New Employment Model and consultation with the Services' chain of Command will also be a major factor - but the survey does consitute an additional piece of 'evidence' in the eyes of the Treasury... Therefore, please spread the word and get as many Army personnel to fill in the form as possible! The Treasury waits for no man so the deadline for responses remains 11 May 12 whether we like it or not... THE NEW ARMED FORCES PENSION SCHEME INITIAL CONSULTATION Survey

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