Future OTC-issued boots

Discussion in 'OTC' started by Ubera Et Alis, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. Greets,

    Considering acquiring a decent pair of boots over summer as a field ex replacement to my issue ones. I plan on sticking around the OTC for a fair few years, and continuing on in the TA(/AR) post-uni, so it seems a fair enough investment in my eyes.

    However, I'm wondering what the situation is with boot-leather colour; will the OTC ever be issued the grand-spanking new brown boots, or are we going to (continue to) be one of those units/corps that receive the bare minimum for uniformity, à la cadets?

    If not, I'd hate to be that bonehead who gets a pair of gucci black Lowas, to then be told they're now reserved for long walks on the beach and the occasional AT exped to a pub in Scotland.

    Cheers in advance,
  2. What you get will be in the system.. The system is now issuing Brown boots (various). I would assumer that black boots will be issued until stocks deplete, then brown will be normal.
  3. Latest direction is do not demand any more black boots - brown boots only!

  4. But, but, I have soo much black polish left to use up!
  5. Probably not a question with a universal answer, but from experience how much kit do QMs generally keep stashed for future issue? (I.e. reckon RQMSs' will be making new orders yearly?)

    Well, sounds like you'll be making a pretty penny on new intake peeps, selling it on as really ally non-issue cam cream ;)
  6. I've just bought some Black Hanwags setting me back £180 the other month. Rumour with OTC/Rs is that the new September/October will be issued with Brown Boots.

    Ill be gutted if they do, poor investment on my side if we all get reissued with brown.

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  7. Then you are a ******** if you spent that amount of money on something you wear for a couple of hours a week plus the odd weekend. I could never justify buying my own kit and I was on a cadetship.

    What are you studying? It certainly is not English.

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  8. ...

    This is pretty much the response I was trying to avoid being aimed at myself by starting this thread.

    @A.A.McMahon, unlucky bud. To be fair, it might be the case that only *new* OCdts are issued brown, with existing issued assault boots remaining on issue until they're mysteriously destroyed/stolen/vortexed... but I doubt it.

    Regardless, cheers for the info; looks like I'm going to be waiting out with crossed toes for October's Ex REMIND THE RQ HOW MUCH HE LOVES YOU.