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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cpt_Darling, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. This has really come off the back of the "plummeting reputation" thread and others that essentially entails Afghan/Iraq as aberrations getting in the way of fighting "the war".

    What I am wondering is what is to happen to the UOR kit( i.e. Mastiff, Ridgeback, Panther, Wolfhound et al, even down to the level of LMG and 66mm, C-IED skills and drills) post Afghanistan?Will the kit be mothballed/ skills forgotten or will it be absorbed into the orbat of the standing army, after our withdrawal.
  2. According to the press (i'll look for a link) UOR is effectively unbudgetted and so equipments sourced under this is not covered by 'long-term' service contracts, spares etc. This means that they are scrapped and or sold off at the end of their UOR period.

    There's all sorts of whizz-bang accountantcy bollocks that can bring stuff into the mainstream service/spares/whatever spectrum, but the upshot is that we'll have to pay for it out of the general expenditure lines.

    Most of the vehicles will probably be knackered anyway.
    Wpns are cheaper and I don't think they're UOR.

    Training and experience are what we'll probably benifit from the most - how likely is it that we really slip back into Cold War mode?
  3. Correct - UOR's are funded from the Treasury's reserve fund, but only for the duration of the operation for which they have been approved.

    UORs can be taken into the core equipment programme. It's not really whiz bang accountancy stuff, it just means that MOD has to stump up the cash to refurbish and support them from its own budget. And of course MOD is a tad broke at the moment!

    A small number of things have already been 'taken into core' over the years. For example, LMG started life as a UOR for GRANBY.
  4. Bulldog is already up for sale. UOR will be the biggest thorn in the side of new equipment for at least 10 years (we had LMG at start of Granby it was called; umm LMG, converted BREN). Trouble is that we order shit loads of UOR then we get stuck with it forever after. As to the tactics and drills look to NI and how quickly all of that has been forgotten or re-invented.
  5. Yeah, look at all that NI TTP stuff that we don't use:

    VA and VP drills;
    Judgemental Training;
    5 and 20 metre checks;
    sangar panoramas;
    VCP drills;
    SCRIM, AtoH;
    Cordon and search;
    Use of MWD (AES or Trackers);

    As for forgetting and re-inventing it... there are many people guilty of deliberately riding roughshod over the NITAT/OPTAG organisation because they felt that NI wasn't modern COIN because most of them hadn't been to NI before the ceasefires. Many, many soldiers died for the lessons that were learned and anyone who said "when I was in NI" was shot down like some sort of neanderthal. It is interesting to note that some of the most successful Basra Bde Comds and TFH commanders had large amounts of NI experience whereas a large number of people who showed off to the Americans and gave it big licks about our "COIN culture" barely had any credible service there in meaningful jobs: to the point that they couldn't actually articulate what our COIN culture was, even though the Army had re-written its COIN AFM in 2001.

    Gosh that turned from a sarcastic smart alec remarks into a rant, I do apologise.
  6. NI was seen as 'uncool' for a long time. However, now we're in firm bases, engaging with locals on short distance patrols, using vehicles and remote sensors, we need to remember more from NI - that we've collectively forgotten.

    UORs have been a rising problem for a very long time. They are mostly incompatible, too specific a solution and don't integrate with other equipment very well. Either they become 'Core' or we get rid once we come back.