Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by geordie-ted, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. Can anybody explain to me in simple terms what PR10 and the new 3 tier TA system is going to be.
    From the little bits i've heard up to now, i have to consider if it is worth staying in. All we see consistantly, is a reduction in MTD's, and then additional commitments. More work and responsibility and less time to do it.
  2. Don't quit. Instead, start a rumour about the redundancy package. ;)
  3. The word on the street, from a Maj 'Huggy Bear' RMP(V) was that in a couple of years or less the Territorial Army will be renamed the Army Reserve.
  4. Future of the TA.... No MTDs, no trg beyond MATTs.

    I attended a briefing today in which senior staff lay-down the distribution of finance for the remaining training year. As a result of high-level expenditure in the first quarter of the year and a requirement to hand back an extremely large sum of cash from the MTD budget, there will be nothing further than MATTs training taking place.

    The result:-

    Those who have not attended annual camp will be unlikely to bounty qualify through other means (course in lieu).

    Teeth-arm unit - No more than 10 MTDs per man from this date to end of Mar 2010, equating to slightly over 1 MTD per month.

    Units outlined for deployment in 2009/2010 will have priority for the training of recruits, with career & promotional courses on hold.

    An increased use of category C1 training - meaning troops are insured to train, but unpaid.

    No more paid adventurous training opportunities, battlefield study weekends or social/networking events (e.g. specialist skill to arm conferences/memorial events).

    No reserves of cash for additional duty commitments.

    Close monitoring of units expenditure to ensure no maverick overspends. From the list above you will understand the two priorities are:-

    Support of operations (but only in the short-term)

    MATTs qualification for those remaining in units to ensure they are bounty qualified come Apr 2010. As I stated before, those who have no annual camp will be disregarded & everyone will have the most minimal ration of MTDs to see they through to Apr 2010 (This of course depends on the funds remaining in the unit to which you belong)

    I hope, with all sincerity, that something (more likely, someone) at a high-level takes a command deicision to resist what I heard today. Having heard all this before, this is the first time MTD levels have been applied so low & at a level that constrains even the most basic of training activity. It is the first time the policy for MTD expenditure has sounded so grim and I fear it is here to stay.

    Unlike some TA bods who have used the TA as a substitute for a hobby, I have always felt it to be more of a part-time employment that affords some interesting opportunities and visits to some of the World's more controversial areas. That said, I have always enjoyed the diversity and the 'Jollies' as much as anyone. This recent MTD policy will cripple the TA and guarantee we lose most of the talented people. To my mind, MOD & all tiers of command between us in the Coy/Sqn/Bty and those at the top have a duty of care to ensure our troops are appropriately trained and sufficiently equipped (physically, mentally & resourcefully) to meet the demands of operations regardless of Regt/Corps/Role.

    If this is the way to progress, we not only stand to observe an exodus of troops (at all ranks) from the TA, but we become responsible for under-preparing those who remain as a result of some unseen bureaucrat slashing finance in an indiscriminate and arbitrary manner.

    If anyone else has been briefed similarly, please add your points. More importantly, send your concerns through your chain of command if you get a muted silence on asking about MTDs remaining this year. To step outside the chain of command may strike as being unprofessional however, allowing this policy to be established and set the precedent is immoral. Which of these is the greater compromise to integrity? You be the judge.
  5. I am a member of an OTC. We are going on an AT exped to Canada in August, and we have only been informed today that we will not be getting our 15 days pay, but only 4 days worth. This is after all the personal contributions had been paid, so us students feel conned and let down by the chain of command. Hardly good for recruiting, or painting a positive picture of the army.

    Also heard that we have 12 MTDs per person until the end of March, and that we will be recruiting a max of 50 in the new year. I think this is the death of our OTC.
  6. I have in previous years and was hoping to this year as well, qualify for my bounty through 6 months operational deployment in lieu of camp as I can't actually go to annual camp as I am currently sunning myself somewhere hot and sandy. Does this mean that even though I will have completed all matts and technically qualified for it I will not recieve a fecking penny?
  7. I'm all right as i get paid whilst away at camp from work ,but a mate of mine whom i joined up with shuts his garage business down whilst training with the T.A.as it is a small family concern.
    I do not think he will be staying if he is to get nothing or just a paltry sum.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    OTCs are to recruit to 90% of strength. So get along to your local TA unit and become a TASO ;)

  9. msr

    msr LE

    Which capbadge are you?

    There is no shortage of MTDs for those units supporting Ops.

  10. We've heard similar tales elsewhere - although to be fair, not all in one place and it is a shame that the thread has immediately diverted off to a purile comment on OTCs whereas the real issue is that if this is the basis of some Bde/Div/Unit perceptions on cost cutting then it will inflict long term and significant damage.

    Herewith the danger of Regional differentiation/interpretation of the cost cutting...a multi tier TA?

    Oh, and by the way, the issue of the OTC is not whether they get paid or not - it's fulfilling the 'promise' that's important. i.e. if they were told they were to get 15 days pay (at basic soldier rate by the way) which will no doubt compensate for the personal contribution and pay spending money etc, and they then only get 4 days pay at the last minute - we have 'over promised and under delivered' - something that any decent organisation avoids like the plague.
  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The point is that he signed up and paid in advance on one set of conditions - that there would be 15 days pay - only to be told after he paid that in fact there would only be 4 days pay. Students are on a tight budget. Many of them would have made calculation based on what they were promised.

    I'm guessing that an OTC student who posts on ARRSE is probably fairly committed to the Army and is (was) a very good prospect for post Uni service. Causing him financial embarrassment is not a good recruiting tool.
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    A few questions:

    Who gave the briefing?

    Was it TA generic or unit specific?

    How senior were the staff?

    Were they in budget controlling/influencing positions?

    A Cpl talking to his section could be described as a briefing given by senior staff but is very different to a brief by RFCA or Bde budget controllers.

    I attended a brief by senior officers this week and none of this was mentioned when budget implications were discussed. Reviews of the TA real estate, value of fund raising contracts, value for money from unit in terms of operational contribution - all discussed and in some detail.

    If you are UK ops only or make a minimal % of strength contribution to ops, in an expensive to run/repair TA centre and not making maximum value out of private hire contracts you should be worried though :wink:
  13. Whilst the rest of us signed up to the TA those years ago on the condition that we could be called up to go on Ops but there would also be great opportunites for socials, adventure training and what not. Now we get told it's Ops or nothing.... or just plain nothing if you ended up in a UK Ops unit.
  14. ditto, all units now have the budgets they bid for, apart from check measures there should be no real change. if there is, it is not the system - it is your chain of command.
  15. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I agree that we are all being shafted but are you so far up your own arrse that you can't see that this guy is also being shafted? His is a perfectly legitimate whinge as is yours.