Future of the TA Infantry

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Purple_Emperor, Nov 10, 2004.

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  1. Frpm CGS's chat to the Defence Select Committee


    If I'm reading this right it means that TA inf regts will now be 4 LI or 5 Scottish Regiment or such like with a single cap badge and the role of reinforcing it's own reg battalion
  2. In the main yes, but I would expect 5 LI to be reformed, were back to the TA of 1968.
  3. Sorry, that should be '6th battallion Scottish Regt' as there will be 5 reg battalions/regts.

    So, just to start you lot baiting each other - what's the London Regt going to be called? :lol:

    2nd HAC ????
  5. I think you will find in December that DInf as already decided London Reg will still be called London Reg it is what the NEW RGJ Bn will be called that is the question? :twisted:

    If any of you think to doubt the accuracy of this just watch this space in mid Dec.
  6. The Fourth Will Rise Again....

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. But to whom will they belong?
  8. Depends which company, but if you were to dig out a pre-OfC orbat, you might not be far wrong....
  9. :? , moi? Coys revert to original regs, RRF, RGJ, PWRR etc, or Londons become TA Bn of say RRF?
  10. I'm not so sure.
    I've heard it said by people earning far more than I do that the capbadges with a national footprint - RRF, LI for example, would be going down the 4 PARA route and having coys all over the shop. So for example LI Bn would be Cornwall, S Yorks, Durham, Shropshire (anywhere else? probably, I'm not LI). Given that, the RRF would be 'out' of a London Regt. On to speculation for this bit...It may be that there is no London Regt, and that the PWRR, RRF and RGJ coys join their 'oppos' outside the city, and that the London Irish turn into - I dunno - RLC? Worked/didn't work for 5 Royal Anglian......
    The only thing that is sure is that it'll be a cake and arse party, minus cake because cake allocations will be ploughed back to Gordon Brown.
  11. And who are going to be the TA element of the Foot Guards? :wink:
  12. Bearing in mind that the RRV have two Greenjacket companies, the Londons do too.. four RGJ companies within two existing Battalions and a new one to be created... does not take an Instructor pass on the IPB course to guess one possible future shape of such a Battalion....

    Looks like Resistance may be futile...
  13. Guards TA? There's a thought. It'd have Col Mustard spluttering over his Telegraph and dropping snuff all over the floor. Are there enough chinless ruperts outside London to populate such a unit?
    Sadly yes (I remember at CATAC in the 'round the table introduce yourselves please bit' one yeomanry capt introducing himself not as '2ic sqn' or as 'ops offr' etc but as 'the wines member'. Nuff said). :wink:
  14. Expansion of the Guards in the HAC?

    The band of the HAC is already capbadged to the Brigade of Guards (Grenadier Guards). They have a platoon used to guard HAC Tac HQ.

    I wonder what the TA Guards would be called? I assumed 6th Bn, and that the 3 incremental coys will be either disbanded, or the nucleus of a Guards Ceremonial Regiment.
  15. Wherever possible the model will be 3PWRR supporting 1 and 2PWRR. This has not yet been fully tested since the TELIC-brown-enveloping didn't reflect this informal arrangement and the blokes were otherwise engaged in Afghanistan but in the few cases where it did happen it was very successful, even during full on ball-busters like TELIC.

    The London Regt is always going to be tricky. If the Guards need TA footprint (and why not) then the London Regt seems the obvious choice - its got the necessary English, Scottish and Irish make up, but not in enough mass to make it work. Divying up the Regt into 6 Scots Guards, 7 Coldstream Guards etc wouldn't work as these would only be of coy size and unable to sustain a regular bn's deployment. Assuming the Guards are never again going to be deployed en mess bowling up the road towards Arnhem, cravats flapping (God what a thought) then support to one bn at one time is more likly and a lose affliation may just be the way forward, with all the blokes wearing a token Blue Red Blue patch just to identify them as guards aligned (Like REME blokes in any bn). This would also give us the chance to have another boy-scout badge sewing fest that we now seem to like.

    Whatever, the loss of the London Regt would be a great blow to the TA :wink: .