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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Jacques_Bustard, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. In writing this post I’m not trying to be deliberately controversial and most definitely not having a dig at the Brigade of Guards, their professionalism in all aspects of soldiering needs no further justification. This is about facts, the future of the army and the deployment of available resources.

    Currently there are 40 Regular Infantry Battalions however 3.5 Btns are almost always assigned to ceremonial duties in London. These consist of 3 Guards Btns and three companies (Nijmegen Company The Grenadier Guards, 7 Company The Coldstream Guards, F Company The Scots Guards). Thus 8.5% of Infantry capability is tie up on ceremonial duties

    From 2007 there be only 36 Btns but no plans (that I’m aware of) to reduce ceremonial commitments so nearly 10% of Inf Btns will be on ceremonial duties.

    However the number of deployable Btns is further reduced as 5 are resident in NI and one designated to Land Warfare Training Centre; this effectively leaves only 30 Btns that can be used for all other ops. This means that 11.5% of available Infantry capability is on ceremonial duties. So my point is, given that the size of the army including the infantry is shrinking, and that overseas operational deployments keep on coming, is it reasonable for a relatively large amount of infantry capability to be tied up on ceremonial duties. I think the answer is no, and that harsh decisions need to be made regarding this continued drain on shrinking resources amid additional operational commitments e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan etc.
  2. Future? A concept with which I am not familiar.
  3. Very interesting point you have brought up. I think if we consider the amount of operational theatres we are currently deployed to to the amount of available bns according to your figures then we could soon be looking at 6 months on 12 months off. Doesnt sound alot to the civ div or the poloticians considering after all we do get paid and we all volunteered. But that will massively affect family life and morale.

    However their saving grace may be something you havent considered. T.A Battalions are taking on a slowly increasing role. 3 years ago was the first time a solely TA infantry platoon was mobilised in over 50 years. Now they are making plans for TA companies to deploy. next year on Telick and herrick. How long before they just decide to say fook it n go the whole hog. Dont get me wrong Nice blokes and some very good soldiers but on the whole i think they are better served filling spaces in a regular battalion. Helping them learn on the job so to speak.

    The next few years should be very interesting indeedy!
  4. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Don't forget the Bn in Edinburgh, although they are axing the Castle sentries:

    It is not only Guards Battalions in London, at the moment 1st Battalion The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment are at Windsor.

    But I get your drift. Will you tell the Queen or will we get Tony?
  5. Two battalions in Edinburgh and one at Fort George.

  6. Recently there was much made of an announcement that 6000 TA had left since Op Telic. I'm ex TA and understand the issues around being expected to pick up where you have left off in civi life after operational tours. Its not an option in the long term, whatever the capabilities of the TA soldier, spamming them for frequent tours is unsustainable, just as it is for a regular soldier.
  7. The Infantry has no future. I am obsolete. I am the product of a bygone age. I will have to get a job packing eggs at a battery farm.
  8. Surely you would pack batteries at a battery farm?
  9. I thought so too but it seems that that is not the case. Still can't complain Egg Packing is a respectable career. Although Baby Lairdx probably won't get a shot at university. perhaps she can sweep chimneys?
  10. If I see you at 'Chunky Chicks' I'll wave at you. Keep your Glengarry on so I know it's you LOL
  11. Just to veer back on thread following an unscheduled outbreak of Bird 'Flu.....

    I have long thought that the Brigade of Guards should be relieved of their monopoly of hanging around Buck House. They struggle to fill the commitment as it is, with, quite often, Regiments from the Line stepping up to the plate and doing 'Public Duties for two years.

    Why not keep all the furry hats and Home Service dress in a big dressing-up box and issue it to whoever turns up to 'stag on', that way the Line boys get to blend in a bit, ie not having to wear No 1 dress. There's no need to do it for two years, why not rotate the whole Infantry through the role for a year at a time?

    Before you accuse me of being anti Tarmac technician, I'm not. I had a fantastic two years at HQ Luncheon District as a Staff Captain. I was on the verge of transfering to a Foot Guards Regiment, when one of my co-conspiritors said that life on his side of the fence was no better than it was on mine - so I left! I believe there is a need for Public Duties - having done them, they are good fun (in moderate doses) and a break from reality. Life is quite settled and a well lead battalion can usually manage to get on with some of the fun things that we, who served in the Cold War, took for granted - drinking, drill, adventure training, sports and top level posing, things, that I know often have to take a back seat whilst you poor sods rush around patching up after Mr Bliar's bizarre foriegn adventures.

    There is certainly no mystique to Public Duties, and all soldiers should be able to march. In my experience, the Line generally do a better job as for them it is a novelty and a pride thing not a bloody drag routine thing that it is for the Wooden tops!

    Head is now well below parapet!
  12. Well...... the dye is cast. My worry is that it will now be easier to cut Inf Bns. Losing a Bn from a say a 4 Bn Regt does not have the same ring as losing one of the proud county based pre merger Regiments.

    I guess we must look on the bright side and be thankful for those that are serving, that we/they have had the honour to serve in a family Infantry Regiment and now what that means. Lets enjoy whilst we can and properly prepare the new Regiments for the soldiers of tomorrow - there is no other option.
  13. Bring back National service!....imagine all those Chav´s creating Havoc under the Command of such fearsome warriors as Pte Golden(Retd)
  14. The current planners of all this do not consider history, at all. It is typical of the socialist mindset. There is only today and their version of the future.

    The 'TA' has historically not only provided individual soldiers, but whole Bns and units in time of war and conflict.
    They have proved a most needed means of rapid expansion, recruitment and training. Can the TA of the future provide that still, or will that be an unneeded capability