Future of the Indian Navy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yusuf, May 12, 2012.

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  1. Long Term Force Objective

    By the end of the 14th Plan (2027), the Indian Navy expects to have "over 150 ships and close to 500 aircraft and helicopters". In addition to the existing mission of securing both sea flanks in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian sea, the navy would be able to "respond to emergent situations far away from the main land". Marine assault capabilities will be beefed by setting up a new amphibious warfare facility at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh.


    The Indian Navy is currently undergoing a 15 year modernisation plan in an attempt to replace older in service equipment.​
    In 2004, India bought the Russian aircraft carrier, Admiral Gorshkov for the equivalent of US$1.5 billion. It will cost an additional US$1.5 billion to refit, and is expected to join the Indian Navy in 2012 as INS Vikramaditya. A further US$700 million was spent on the purchase of 12 single-seat MiG-29K and four dual-seat MiG-29KUB fighters, six Kamov-31 attack and reconnaissance anti-submarine helicopters; also included are training facilities for pilots and technical staff, delivery of simulators and spare parts, and establishment and maintenance of Indian Navy facilities. Upgrades included the removing of missile silos from the carrier foredeck to make way for a 14.3-degree ski-jump. The Mig-29's will be delivered to the Indian Navy in 2009.
    In April 2007, India began construction of a 40,000 tonne Vikrant class aircraft carrier at a cost of US$800 million and scheduled to operate 30 aircraft, including Naval LCA, MiG-29K, and Sea Harrier combat aircraft, as well as HAL Dhruv, Ka-31, and Sea King Mk.42 helicopters. Four turbine engines will power the ship. The carrier is being constructed by state-run Cochin Shipyard Limited. and will be commissioned by 2012–13.
    Yantar, a plant in Kaliningrad, Russia, was awarded a US$1.56 billion contract to build three additional 1135.6 frigates. The increased price is due to more sophisticated armaments such asBrahMos cruise missiles. The Navy has government approval for an additional eight warships.
    The Indian Navy has signed a deal with Boeing to supply twelve P-8 Poseidon Anti Submarine Warfare/Maritime Surveillance Aircraft. The first aircraft will be delivered 4 years after the signing of the contract, that is 2012.[SUP][153][/SUP] Also there are plans to induct four AEW&C aircraft that will be based on carriers.
    An order has been placed for seven Project 17A class frigates.
    Future orders

    The design of a 65,000 ton aircraft carrier called Indigenous Aircraft Carrier II (IAC-II) is currently underway and if ordered is expected to be delivered to the Navy by 2017.
    After ordering six Scorpène submarines as part of Project 75, the Indian Navy is now on the look out for six next-generation submarines in a project worth over [​IMG]50,000 crore (US$10 billion).
    The RFP (request for proposal) for six MRMR aircraft with anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capabilities was issued on 11 July 2008. The contract is expected to be signed in 2011 and deliveries to begin by 2012/2013. The Navy is also planning to purchase more UAVs.
    The Indian Navy has issued a tender for procurement of 16, multi-role naval helicopters to AgustaWestland, EADS and Sikorsky. The order is likely to grow to around 60 helicopters. The helicopters will be equipped with anti-ship and anti-submarine warfare equipment including missiles and torpedoes, and also be capable of being in-flight refuelling. The type will operate from both naval vessels and land bases.
    In November 2011, India's Defence Acquisition Council was looking for induction of large amphibious ships which they refer to as Multi-Role Support Vessel. It's speculated that they accordingly issued an international RFP for up to 4 amphibious operation vessels (most probably LHDs) with significant capability to carry Helicopters and troops. First the Indigenous Shipyards were consulted but since they have no experience in developing such type of vessels and had no design to propose, Indian government expects candidates from foreign allies.
    Bids have been floated for eight mine countermeasure vessels (MCMVs), to replace the Pondicherry class ocean minesweepers in service. Six of the craft will be produced at Goa shipyard under transfer of technology.
    The aim is to have a total of three aircraft carriers in service, with two fully operational carriers and the third in refit. This aim will increase the overall effectiveness of the Indian Navy.[SUP][163][/SUP] The long term plan was recently revealed by the Navy and shows a road-map to a blue-water navy with six aircraft carriers in service.
  2. India and the US have already entered into a naval collaboration and is set to be the long term guarantors of security in the Indian Ocean Region to maintain free sea lanes of communication. It also will counter any Chinese aggression in the IOR.
  3. Im glad its you guys and not the bloody Pakistanis, hope you can secure long term peace in the region.
  4. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    It is India's interest to increase her footprint in the Indian Ocean, but the area being vast it is not feasible as a single handed effort.

    Thus, it has to be in conjunction with those having same strategic aims like the US and Australia

    Australia plays a major role. Its maritime territory along with India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the key areas that dominate the entry and exit at the Malacca Straits, and what most miss out and is equally if not more important are the Lombok and Indonesian Straits.

    Therefore, it has to be a joint endeavour and that is possibly why the US has initiated some moves to ensure a combined effort towards this end.
  5. Well we have plenty of Submarines and more on the way, just noone to man them, not enough bubbleheads in Australia, plus we have a shiny new LHD and Air Warfare distroyer on the way, not to mention Super Hornets and F-35C on the way, nicely balanced little force.
  6. I assume you are from Oz. Australia is facing problems with it's submarine fleet. I think the process to acquire new subs has been initiated. If you guys will acquire the F-35s or not is anybody's guess.

    But yes India-Aus-US-Japan-SK alliance will come into being in the future
  7. I don't suppose the Indian Navy would be interested in buying some cheap second hand subs? Very sexy Collins class boats which have done very little work...
  8. Well we have workshare in JSF making titanium struts for the tails and we are committed to the cause. New subs are under order and as Goatrutar says, there are some subs spare you might like to buy.
  9. Lol we will not buy that junk :)

    India is making 6 scorpenes and the option to order another 6 has more or less been finalized. We are also looking for AIP subs and making the nuclear powered submarine in the Arihant class. We already have leased one Akula II class sub and may well lease one more from Russia. So no we will not operate any old subs.

    As far as JSF goes, you may be a partner but I really doubt what will happen ultimately. Even Britain is uncertain about it. Well ordering stage for the JSF will come when all the problems with it are resolved.
  10. Bloody racist, you buy shit from the UK and Russia, these Collins class are awesome machines.
  11. Lol, if we buy from UK or Aus same thing. God save the Queen :D

    No we are buying AIP subs after the current 6 on order are completed and then it's all going to be nuclear powered subs. If the Collins was nuke powered we might have given it a thought. We just leased one nuke sub from Russia.

    More on Arihant Class nuclear sub here
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  15. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    Now don't get pernickety.

    We are getting greater stuff from Australia than some subs.

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