Future of the Corps?

So, things seem pretty dire with DSPS is en-trenched trying to keep the Corps alive.

The RAF apparently see the joining of the school as a takeover and there are rumours of 1000 admin posts going across the 3 services. RAF and RN took the hit on JPA go live. We're in the firing line.

Once we're back in UK and post HERRICK, I can see someone asking why have green skin admin?

My bet is we'll be civilianized with deployable posts going light blue and/or regi clerk.

Yes, I've been drinking.
To be honest, some of the clerks my unit has had we would be better of with a f*cking calculator and my the hotline to JPAC. How f*cking hard is it to get things right?Saying that, once had a glemaing clerk in Germany who double checked everyones pay every month. But she was the exception.
You've obviously not tried to sort a problem out with JPAC.
Fair dos, you must have the magic touch
Actually, I hope the Treasury doesn't read this thread 'cause we won't get replaced. JPAC crack on!
Another factor which might impinge on this is the fact that SPVA is to be moved into the Defence Business Service (DBS) which will be managed by SERCO. The three services and MOD CS will have their pay and records run centrally. However there will always be a need for a deploy able admin staff.
However there will always be a need for a deploy able admin staff.
I am deploying in the next few months and my DET are stuggling to get people deployed as 60% are unfit and on long term sick for minor problems. there are a new breed of clerk coming out of SPSTS now hopefully in turn this will get rid of the Sick, Lame, Lazy personnel who jack on people like me when it comes to Ops!!
There will always been a need for deployable admin for sure (TA...?), but for the normal posts when someone somewhere clocks onto the fact you can get a Civvy on £17k to do the job (at least in the daytime) that a full screw gets £24k+ for . . . .
Mongoose:4333614 said:
Exactly my point. The RAF will try and nab any deployable imprest posts and coy clerks can be capbadge. In barracks everyone from RAO down can be a civvy at half the Cost. D grade FSA is on 23k and most do the non public as well.
So, it turns out I cannot predict for shite. We're getting off lightly with only loosing 17% of the SPS and Dets remaining virtually unchanged, apart from HQ Coy Snr Admin being a LCpl.
I'll gladly wait until 2016 then I get my full pension and a nice pay off! However I will take a nice civvy job up in Glasgow for less pay and be even more unhelpful than I am now lol!

Q ME in 2016 at APC -

Squaddie -Hi I have a problem with my pay
Me -Sorry you will have to speak to your Unit HR Admin...
Squaddie - But we don't have any they've all been made redundant mate.. CLICK...BUZZZZZ.. Hello, Hello?????

Oh I can't wait lol
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