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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by accidentalscaley, Aug 7, 2005.

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  1. Is there going to be a corps of signals in 10 years time. with 2nd line tech repair being done by the reme, and all this easy to use bowman and stuff, why don't we just get the gmen to do it at battalion level, have a sigs coy or something
  2. Hello, my first post, here i just usully read but i just thought what the hell, why not talk too.

    The future of the Corps is abit uncertain, however, it is due to undergo some changes. The Signals as a whole will change it's phase 2 process. I've heard it will train operators in all trades and then let them decide what they want to do before going more in-depth within that trade.

    Sounds like a waste of alot of money to me..
  3. And you are who exactly?
  4. I've not heard anything about 2nd lines going to the REME. Techs may lose out a little because the new kit will be under warranty for a while, but they still have a lot of work, you can't send kit back if you need it fixed and in service NOW!!! can you?

    As for a signals company, you what!!!?

    We don't just tune radios in, who would transport the SO and look after them? The Royal Corps is changeing, get used to it. Look back to when Ptarmigan and Clansman came in. We are about to make one of the biggest jumps in technology ever. Some of the old trades will go the way of the dinosaur, others will be formed. Some trades may go to another Corps', some may come from another Corps', in a few years it will settle down and we will be Ok for a bit.

    The Royal Corps' wil always have a role to play, it's just a matter of how.
  5. No offence, but this sounds like pure, unfounded, speculation of the type usually described as "utter pish".
  6. I second that aforementioned pish.
  7. ....... carried
  8. I don't think you could ever dispense with the Corps because modern comms technology can be far beyond the understanding of most people. I'm a STAB so in the Sigs I work on stuff that Noah used on the Ark that can be operated without too much training. However my civvy job is working with modern comms systems and they can be a completly different kettle of fish. Modern systems run smoothly when they are set up right and day to day management can be done by a lobotomised monkey most of the time. But if things cock up you have to know what you're doing to get things working quickly, you need specialisation to ensure that the necessary skills are in place for when the brown stuff hits the fan.
    Also, it's my understanding that one of the Corps main roles is to provide communications at Staff Officer and Strategic levels. Not something that could be looked after by any Sigs cell at Battalion/Regimental level.

    That's enough of being serious for me, i'm off back to the NAAFI for some skiffing stories and arsse jokes.
  9. Battalions/Regiments live at the tactical "level", rather than strategic level mate, therefore they rarely come into contact with each other.

    By the way - going back to my last post, I love that word "pish". It's great isn't it?