Future of the British Lions.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Ozduke, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. The next tour (2009) will be the last British Lions tour. Discuss.
  2. I dont think this will be the case at all. Granted, Lions tours have shortened in length, and have lost some of their magic due to the globalisation of rugby union, but I do not think that the Lions will fade into obscurity.

    From a commercial point of view, the Lions Tour is going from strength to strength. I think SA 2009 could be one of the best Tours ever.

    The British and Irish Lions have a strong and proud history. They have been the ambassadors of Northern Hemisphere rugby for decades, and long may they continue.
  3. Agreed. But what do the clubs think?
  4. Well, Premier Rugby have been moaning for years about 'Player Burn-out' and a season that seems to get longer every year.

    Namely, I simply think that they get a little upset when they loose their superstars to Tests and Tours: Essentially, fans come to see the Likes of Johnny, Lol, and Sackey, so gate money can take a hit.

    I would like to see players looked after better, so I would like to suggest a new format for future Lions Tours:

    Select a 'Test' Party to play in the Series and a selection of Midweek games.

    In addition, select a 'Touring Party' of young British Talent from, Say Division One upward. Play them in the majority of the midweek games, save the Big Dogs for the Series, thus easing the pressure on players and at the same time developing a raft of younger players on possibly the greatest Touring side ever.

    Probably would need further thought!
  5. Why not take 8 English forwards along with their scrum half and fly half on past reputation........
    and the Welsh, Irish and Scots to dig them out the shit by playing decent running rugby....?????????

    Oh yeah, damn, Woodward's done that one already!!!!!!!!
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    What about introducing centralised contracts for Rugby, in the same way that the EWCB has for cricket?
  7. It annoys the fcuk out of me that the name of the Lions was amended.
    They have always been known as the British Lions, because they represent the British Isles, and no matter how you square it away, RoI is part of the British Isles.

    Anyway, I am firmly in the retain the Lions camp. I had the pleasure and honour of seeing them on the Australia 01 tour in Brisbane and I have to say that the fact that the Lions are inbound gave the whole country a buzz that the visit of a single home union team would simply not bring.
  8. That's my worry - I just hope they can keep it going until Australia 2013!!!

    Seriously though, I know one shouldn't draw comparisons but, when you look at the debacle surrounding international poofball and the pointless "caps" given to 12 year old cretins playing some equally uninspiring euro side, I wonder if the whole club v country issue will not just see the Lions being written off the orbat. While I hope beyond all hope it doesn't, I just can't see it going on much longer.

    The "Living with the Lions" video that came our after the last SA tour was an inspiration and really showed the heart of rugby - not to mention allowed me to drink heavily, rewind and drink heavily again. Keith Woods -legend!!
  9. Gremlin, Centralised Contracts would be the best call, but it is probably too late in the day for the RFU and the clubs to do that. The English clubs are simply too big to except it. It works in Ireland and Wales though.

    IMHO, I thought the British Lions were always known by their FULL title, the British and Irish Lions, but that it -for the most part- was shortned by the media and those who dont give a PC toss (like me) to the British Lions.

    As an interesting aside, anybody care to name a Lions team, if the SA tour was next month?
  10. I hope so, in fact I hope it does not happen!

    The last Lions misadventure was a farce from conception until the final whistle of the Third Test. Shambolic!

    The clown Woodward was out of his depth and his incorporation of the slime Campbell exemplified this. My grannie could have coached that superb England side (I'm 100% Welsh) that won the 2003 World Cup, and I doubt she would have f*cked up the Lions tour. In fact if Woodward would have a clue about what he was doing, he would have disposed of the two toss-wits in the side - Thompson and the big girl Cohen!

    No more !
  11. Never forget you're Welsh.
  12. This has been done to death, 2005 was a fuck up based around what Woodward knew, the 2003 England team.
  13. on a slightly different note is anybody going to barbars and boks game on 1 dec?

    PS....the price of tickets is really p!ssing me off, a premiership game is now around £25-27, pluse travel, car-parking etc, looking at around £100 for a family day out...what ever happened to buying a £3 programme...oh yes, professionism, that's it!!!!!
  14. Where do you go? At Kingston Park it's £17 for a North Stand standing ticket. More if you sit down though.