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Future of the armed forces with budget cuts and the EU army

Forgive me if this is in the wrong place but as budget cuts and the EU army are current affairs I thought it would fit quite well.

With constant budget cuts, a population that doesnt give a s**t, a gov't that couldnt give less of a damn about its forces and the EU knocking on about a EU army time after time just what is the future of the British army in your opinion

in my depressing opinion the following will happen unless someone like UKIP gets in power ( and even then it might happen anyway)

-the forces will be constantly be reduced and made inneffective as cuts grow and grow, we will be unable to mount a succesful war in places like afghanistan etc. territories like the falklands will be taken away from us and a weak gov't + uncaring population more interested in being fat lazy and unemployed will be not react

eventually any forces we do have will be transfered to the control of the EU along with any sovereignty we have left

just my opinion but id like to hear what yours is
I think, thankfully, the Army is the safest of the three Services...given where we are operating.

The biggest concern must be for the Navy, who are destined to lose the two new carriers (after mortgaging everything up against getting them).

As for the public...they are more on-side with us in the forces than they have been in many years...but we'll never be a vote winner compared to Health and Education...and so we are looking at a decline...but all of this wholly depends on the UK's foreign policy, which may be a lifeline for the Army in the medium to long term.
I have said on this board for years that Labours Plan is for the Old Parliamentary Army that owes it's Loyalty to HM will be allowed to wither on the vine of Afghanistan, Iraq and wherever while UK's contribution to Euro force grows.

Hi Jubbles,
Agreed. Unfortunately the EU is destined to have its own president and foreign mimister after the Lisbon Treaty comes into force. I believe this will put UK foreign policy firmly under the control of un-elected foreigners. This will inevitably put all our armed services, including our nuclear armed subs, under the control of un-elected foreigners and there will be no direct democratic control by UK voters of how and where they are deployed. The EU keeps pecking away at our sovreignty, such as allowing Spain to grab Gibraltars territorial waters, claiming UK bases in the Falklands, Gibraltar and Cyprus should be taken over by the EU so that EU shipping could be better protected!

As a UKIP supporter I disagree that a UKIP government wil allow the armed services to be run down. Check their defence policy out on their web site.

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