Future of the AAC in Germany.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by born_to_solder, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. Gents,
    Im currently on the AAC pilots course and am wondering about whether or not 1 Regt AAC will be remaining in Germany or if they are coming back to the UK.
    Any heads up is appreciated.

  2. At a recent briefing here in JHQ before a mixed Service/civvy audience,Comdr Rasu announced that the ONLY units (apart from the Osnabrück Gar, which almost closed) which are definately going are Arrc plus supporting elements, and that will be summer 2010. Other Units may follow as and when. That statement ran slightly contrary to previous announcements. As far as I know 1 Regt AAC will have a future in Germany for some time to come.
  3. Just be wary of announcements of, and/or major building work going on at 1 Regt.

    History has shown that such major expenditure is just a precursor to the abandonment of said facilities.
  4. Statement on decision due out later in August.

    Don't be surprised if Dishcloth expands slightly afterwards!
  5. (Inside info)

    2012 - 2525 Possibly, Dishforth, Benson or Yeovilton..... was the last I heared but that will probably change again, get on the bus, get off the bus.

    Weather is lovely here at the mo, and the fags are cheap. However we are not getting much sleep due to the locals and Turks sounding their horns every few nights. Come on over and not get picked up on a promotion board with the rest of us.
  6. I hear that 1 Regt will return in 2012 for definite. I havent a clue where they will go though.
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Not bitter and twisted then Taff!

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  8. Generous time scale! :D
  9. Satire. (Just so that you can spot it in any future threads)

    I always have been bitter and twisted. Its my most endearing quality.
  10. Along with being FAT and rancid and of course the type of chap who completely abandons his 2 best mates when they are on tour. So A C*nt really then.
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  11. Latest on 1 Regt, by the way, is disbandonment, once they realise that there is no Lynx, future, Super or otherwise, left in Hanger 1, and all the aircrew are maintaining currencies in 1 of our 3 Bedfords.
    I think the promotion board may already have disbanded us anyway, if the full screws and stripeys results are anything to go by....ie Nil. It would seem that being on OPs constantly is no longer merit enough and one must be able to tinker with some AH bits of kit. Well I for one would rather remain blissfully unpromoted (and I shall). Long live the Lynx...the Lynx is dead. Hip Hip Hurrah.
  12. Not at all......If everybody else can get picked up!

    Spend a little more time and effort on your jobs instead of blagging on about cheap beer, fags petrol, Blah, Blah, then you may get picked up......

    P.s Hold on cheap beer Petrol.....Are ther any posts for me there? :?
  13. Abandoned?

    Check your e-mails you pool ball craniumed twat. Anyway you are getting fuck all from me till I get sent that not fully decomissioned AK47, A Bubbly tobacco bong thing and the ears off a dead insurgent that I asked for.
  14. No posts for you old boy, there is only one LSN for a follicly retarded, grumpy old numpty to do all the dusting in RHQ. And that spot is filled. You decided to toddle off tear up peoples course bids elsewhere a long time ago.
  15. A bit like Cpl slots in the QM's then Taff. All taken by 30 ish year old, fat Cpls with 5 years to 22 years service :roll:

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