Future of Surplus weapons

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Jubbles, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. We've all enjoyed the masses of bolt action rifles that were made in the 19th - 20th century for mass armies and then sold on the cheap but what is the future with all forces using assault rifles?

    We cant have semi automatics so is conversion to .22LR or straight pull the only viable option? (asides from buggering off the the USA etc)
  2. L98A1 Cadet GPs.

    Accurate, but needs work to make a good PR rifle. Muzzle brake/flash hider, picatinny rail, decent low power optic, smooth out the trigger (not easy for a bullpup?) and perhaps a short swivel bipod.

    But in these PC times, they will likely be chopped in half and melted down. Or sold to a third world country. Like Belgium.
  3. Converted S5 firearms remain S5. That's why all the manually operated ARs are made from scratch and not converted.
  4. I'll have 'em! :D
  5. so no chance whatsoever of masses of straight pull SA80's coming on the market in a few years time ?
  6. Nope. With any luck they'll be in the hands of AIDS ridden children on some shitty dark continent within 20 years.
  7. There is not a chance that the Cadet GP Rifle will see the light of day. The Government of the day (of whatever persuasion) will be fed the line: "What would happen if a terrorist got hold of one?" (Neatly ignoring that said terrorist can buy a perfectly good Kalashnikov for fifty dollars - tops.), and that will be the end of them. They can't be exported either (EU) so they will be scrapped at great cost and everyone will sleep safer in their beds.
  8. Rumour has it that the L98's have already been pre-sold en masse to a single continental dealer.

    expect many to grow gas systems and start floating around the European market.

    Even though they are pants, I would be seriously tempted by a gassed-up example, for nostalgia's sake.
  9. Do you know what? I'm not sure we can teach the Belgiques much about small arms manufacturing....

  10. In what respect? I shot one very early on when a friend's ACF unit was first issued them. I found it to be both easy to use and accurate.

    Given the opportunity, I'd buy one.
  11. The UK's policy seems to be to destroy most surplus small arms:

    See: Hansard - 22 June 2000

    Whilst I can see that this is fair enough for automatic arms, I cringe at the thought of all those beautiful No4 Lee Enfields being chopped up, including probably rare trials and 4(T) variants. As for the future, there will probably be the L98s as well as 0.22" No8 Cadet Rifles and L96A1 sniper rifles to dispose of. The No 8s are probably of historic collectors' value and the L96 would probably be as good as new when fitted with a new barrel. I know that Biped was going to put a marker down with the MOD's Disposal Sales Agency for the latter. If he suceeeds, I want one!

    I believe that the MOD's policy is all to do with not encouraging the international proliferation of small arms. IIRC there was a bit of a scandal some years ago when surplus SLRs were sold for scrap metal and subsequently turned up for sale on the US civilian market!
  12. Sorry to doubt you, but if that were the case it would only be uppers turning up in the US, since ATF considers the lowers to be machine guns.

    Plus, there's the whole issue of 922R compliance...
  13. According to someone at the SASC, the vast majority of SLRs were flogged to African Nations for the princely sum of 18 pence (Yes 18p) each!

    Enough to make you cry!
  14. You're right. What happened is that they were stripped down into 'parts kits' for onward sale. I'm no expert on the 922R rules, but I understand that the US shooters need a locally made receiver, plus a number of US made parts in order to turn this back into a functioning rifle.

    However, there's little doubt that these are the bits from an old British rifle!


    THE government hates its own subjects and its hates guns esp in the subject hands!!!