Future of multiculturalism...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pyianno, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. Deliberately kept this out of the NAAFI so lets not go off on a mad racist diatribe this time...

    Times Higher Education - Raising the bars a 'moral' matter

  2. A minority imposing their values on the Majority is pretty much Multiculturalism in a nutshell.
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  3. Isn't he guilty of prejudice against the 80% of his students who find alcohol culturally critical to the university experience?
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  4. Read the comments on the story in the link - they appear to agree with you!
  5. I would fire up the outrage bus, but having finished my degree many years ago I am unlikely to want to return to somewhere like London Metropolitan University (Formerly World of Carpets, Baker Street) where large bunches of superannuated foreign "mature students" who live at home with their families go to read vocational degrees so I can't be arrsed.
  6. Never stopped the blessed Anjem Choudary necking back the "Halal" Strongbow.......
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  7. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Dear Pyianno, I don't see why you need to bring this matter up. It's outrageous.

    As a good arrser I think you'll know the feelings and sentiment that the subject of alcohol brings to these pages. hardly a day goes - is day goes PC acceptable? - by on Arrse without someone mentioning the demon drink. A very high proportion of us on these hallowed pages wouldn't dream of touching the stuff... my arrse, see you down the Mess! Mine's a can of Red Stripe...

    Anyway, to quote the journalist; "Malcolm Gillies said he was "not a great fan of alcohol on campus", adding that the issue was one of "cultural sensitivity". Cultural sensitivity? What about the abuse or grooming of our kids, the abuse of Blue Badges as shown in a tv documentary from Slough or that, so called, Landlord as shown on tv's "Cowboy Traders" last night, Benefit scams by the truck load? Cultural sensitivity... if you want to live here etc. etc.

    TAXI!!... and make it bullet-proof as we are not allowed to say what the majority of us think thanks to goody-goodies.
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  8. This is the university with offices in-
    Isn't it?
    The same university obliged to pay back many many millions to the government after neglecting to mention how many students dropped out?
    The same university that apologised to China for giving the Dalai Lama a doctorate or some such?

    Seem like a bunch of five star muppets
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  9. I've no problem with the university establishing its own standards of conduct, however...

    Recruits are forbidden alcohol in the block at some establishments/courses (so that's fair, but this seems different).

    But what I would fear is the "spiral to purity" where you see almost the Mutawwa (Saudi Religious Police) spring up. You know, checking people holding hands are married, etc. it is the reason why the jilbab is not allowed as school uniform, as there is a religious uniform option and one person doing their own is a threat to the coehesion of the wider school (crikey, look at the fury wearing your beret like a flat cap with the capbadge over the left eye generates here!)

    Thing is it spreads first amoungst a certain population, with peer pressure to comply. Then it may create friction with other faith groups (or those of no faith). You end up with a fractured community and some self-isolating groups. So it is a lot like the wider UK in the way it is going.

    Course, what Malcolm Gillies might wish to guard against is the sort of hot-housing that leads to dislike of a syllabus and ends up in this;

    BBC News - RE teacher Gary Smith's Muslim attackers jailed

    (Basically, 4 lads beat an RE teacher unconscious with an iron bar for disapproving of his teaching).

    We had this atmosphere at my uni in the mid-1990s, when there was Al-Muhajiroun on the campus. Creating all sort of problems with Sikh students and just generally life at uni. Couldn't go anywhere without an allegation of Islamaphobia or racism. I was minding my own business reading a book at Salahudin and next thing I knew I couldn't get rid of the bearded zealots. Cheerful at first, agreeing he was a Muslim hero and then basically saying if I didn't convert I was due for hellfire.

    British Universities (especially in bits of London) have their heads up their arse in the toleration of the slippery slope to extremist violence. As one failed or successful terrorist emerges, they say "Oh must have been radicalised elsewhere" and blame everyone else but themselves.

    I'd no more tolerate a Student's Union policy which would assist in making the Angry Brigade or other secular extremist group possible. I don't equally think those Jewish areas of London with certain areas "wired off" for movement during the Sabbath, etc. Seems too much like a Ghetto, but as long as it isn't forced outside a Jewish faith community.

    For starters on religious loons there's the white-wash job UCL did of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly from the University of Bedfordshire at Luton, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh of the LSE, those four jokers I linked to on the BBC. I'm sure there are more, and different ones too.

    I accept universities are not there to police their students, but it seems they don't co-operate when those whose job it is to police find where the opportuinity for radicalisation occurs.
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  10. If a high percentage ddon't like alchol... then they don't buy it, simples.
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  11. The future of Multiculturalism, I can see a time when all pubs in Tower Hamlets are closed, licences revoked. Oh not in the to distant future.
  12. UK unis manage difference rather brilliantly. VCs do need to have the courage to assert home heritage and practices as worthy of interest to overseas' students rather than deny their significance; they're naughty if they don't. Upper North Twiddles Morris Men is a clincher for many a Chinese student, providing a lifelong source of reflection.
  13. Had it stayed as the Northern Polytechnic Institute this would never have happened.
  14. It's like demanding alcohol outlets for 'Christian' students in islamic educational establishments. It wouldn't happen.
  15. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    This person said:
    Noting that about 20 per cent of London Met's students are Muslim, he said that "because there's no majority ethnic group, I think it [selling alcohol] is playing to particular parts of our society much more [than to others]".
    So there is no majority ethnic group. Does that mean that there four other ethnic groups?
    Just another pathetic attempt to alter our way of life to the requirement of one person but likely to be successful with the present "fruits and nuts" we seem to have in control.