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Future of British Army Garrisons Germany

I have heard on the grapevine that there is to be an announcement in the House of Commons today at 15.30hrs regarding the future of the British Army in Germany.
My sources tell me it is not good news :(
They tell me that numbers are to be drastically reduced. :(
Its a bit overdue don't you think? How much money do we pour into the German economy when it could be spent at home, say in the North of England?
The 4 Bde thingy is clearly true. However, the sums are not quite as bad as they look. If you account for an INFLOW of troops from UK there will be a net loss of 2200 servicemen from BFG, which is <10% of current strength. The only question which is still up for debate is whether Osnatraz or Munster get the chop. I know where you're coming from ptlman, but the truth is that the decision about which is to close still remains.

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