Future of Army Chefs?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Eggmeister, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. Why do we have military chefs? if the contractors are doing all the cooking in the in barracks why do we need the military chef? can we not just use the TA Chefs who are just deployed as and when we need them on operations

    Let me know your views?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    I fear you mis-understand the role of the reservist.

  3. At the present even with both regular and TA chefs (Including the RAF) there are shortages of chefs on tours.
    Recently deployed with the RAF and should have had 3 chefs ended up with 2 Army chefs due to lack of personnel.
    It takes longer to ready TA chefs for deployment (spearhead or what ever it is called now etc).
    Regular chefs can be readied with the units they are posted to (just in case) where as TA ones would need to have notices to employers, pre-deployment training issue of special to theater kit etc and may not get used (at least the regular chefs would still be working in their units)
    When a unit deploys its chefs usually go with it leaving the civilians to look after the sick, lame, lazy etc. With no Reg chefs there would be too many civs for the unit, do they get the boot till the unit gets back?
    With the civilianisation of the cookhouses the standard of food has gone down (Reg chefs - your food charge pays for food, Civ chef - your food charge pays for food, wages and profits for company)
  4. Leccy - you wrote the very words I was trying to think of to say :chef:
  5. No probs been a bug bear of mine for last 5 years
  6. Don't know what unit you are currently at, but the contractors do not do all of the cooking in the PAYD system. Military chefs continue to do their allocated role in barracks, but with less freedom (hence the reason for a very limited choice now on the core hotplate, where before you had baguette bars, salad bars, 6-8 choices on the hotplate) due to the obligation to the contract. Whether this be NAAFI, ESS, Sodexho etc.

    Also, you need the military chef, because Civvies cannot be fucked about like military chefs can :D
  7. I heard that their higher band pay was getting binned now that things have changed to the way they are now.
  8. Now look see hear hear is the dingerr hanging around the chefs in a cookehouse thread I wonder whys? I knows why. It's cos he is a fatty.
  10. OK well thanks for all your replys its obviously a hot topic.

    I dont disagree with any of your comments and welcome the debate!

    Firstly i see no chage to operatinal feeding eventhough we have started to contract some of these sites out.

    the main area i am looking for your honest views is with the onset of PAYD and CRL there is not really a place for the military chef and as a tax payer you ndont need a CPL in the HUB making paninis or burgers.

    so if we need military chefs to do operations! what do we do with them when not on ops.

    I do understand the Role of the TA and they plkay and active role in the chef augmentee TA chefs have allways been one army concept as far as the chef trade is concered. i am just suggesting that it may be we invest in the TA chefs s these can be used as and when and are not eployed on the in barracks feeding.

    i am hearing that in barracks the role of the seniors and master chefs have go to just a monitering core meals and the core meal uptake has droped as the reatils offers get better.

    i am a chef so i want some arguments to work with or do we just hand it all over to contractors? if its about cost u know the way the budgets work!

    your views please.
  11. Sack the civvies, get more military chefs,reservists etc. and bin PAYD.
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  12. Why? Squaddies have been whining about the standard of Army chefs for years and how many of you out there were screaming for PAYD as you didn't think that you were getting value for money under the old system?

    Well, now you've got it. Should have shut the f*ck up, shouldn't you?
  13. Bloody 'ell Biccies, are you saying that the British Squaddie should stop moaning?
  14. CplFoodspoiler

    CplFoodspoiler War Hero Book Reviewer

    Having served as a Regular and TA as well as a later incarnation as a civvie chef MOD with the RAF ( yeah I know, but I needed the job). I think I have a good experience base to call upon.
    The comment that civvies cant be f~~~~~ed about like the regs is partly true - however, my recent experience with the RAF begs a different reply. There were so many RAF cooks on deployment, training, leave whatever that, if it were not for the civvie MOD chefs being willing to fill all the crap duty slots there would have been a significant problem. Overtime pay earned a whopping 5% or, to simplify - coz some might need it- 20p for every pound earned!
    'Use it or loose it' is the oft heard refrain.
    Remember the motto!
    We Sustain
  15. Don't start casting aspertions about other peoples intelligence when you are clearly thick as sh1t.

    5% in the Pound is errrr 5 Pence!

    Try one of these :oops: