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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Invicta, Aug 6, 2011.

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  1. I'm not sure how much has been posted by other ARRSErs about the future of 1 RTR on other RAC boards, but I've found this on the 'Think Defence' site:

    CBRN Role to Transfer to RAF Regiment | Think Defence

    Salient points:

    1. CBRN role will now be exclusively RAF Regt with some (undefined) input from the TA.
    2. 1 RTR will not be disbanded. However, C-in-C Land Forces did not explicitly state that amalgamation with 2 RTR had been ruled out.
    3. 1 RTR will retain a footprint at Honnington until 2013. This means the Unit will move, possibly before then with some families following on later.

    DRAC added some ideas for a future role for 1 RTR:

    1. Generating a Squadron for deployment to Op HERRICK with the SCOTS DG and then QRH battlegroups, subject to future force levels in theatre.
    2. Running the Crew Training School in Bovington.
    3. Becoming the lead unit for experimentation and TTP development for the Army, in the AGILE WARRIOR workstream.

    Which means that 1 RTR could find itself doing anything that guarantees its survival as a formed Unit. (Dedicated Mastiff Regt anyone?)

    Apologies if this is old news, but it was posted on Think Defence this evening, I'm not sure if its been on ARRSE already. The only people to gain from this at the moment will be, unsurprisingly, the Rock Apes who will gain a 'modest increase'.
  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    all you need is proper tankies to up stix go down the cavalry barracks and paste a few toffs, once they realise its not a glory post when you have lost your looks then we can get rid of those and keep the working regts.

    another option is squash their little tanks under the bigger ones and dont tell anyone :)
  3. I'm a big fan of retaining formed DEPLOYABLE units such as 1 RTR over purely ceremonial ones such as HCMR. However, its stating the obvious to say that the Household Div have a lot of influence and we won't see them going anywhere soon as long as there are tourists wanting to take their picture.
  4. This is already being discussed in some detail in the "MoD Cuts and Multi Role Brigades" thread in the RAC forum.

    Grumblegrunt, do you really think that the cavalry regiments are just full of "toffs" who don't pull their weight? Nowadays the RTR and the cavalry regiments are so similar, the only visible differences are the black tank suits on one side and funny coloured trousers (in some cases) on the other. The RAC is now a pretty homogeneous organisation (albeit each regiment has a very slightly different character).

    Invicta, the survival of the HCMR has nothing what so ever to do with "how powerful the Household Division are" within the Army/MoD. The Government (as distinct from the MoD) does not want to see a reduction in the ceremonial piece. While number 10 directs that there are to remain two mounted, ceremonial Sqns, the HCMR will remain. It may be fair to say there is a degree of Royal pressure acting on the government to ensure that we don't ramp down the pomp and ceremony, but that is a different question...
  5. BC, beat me to it, I think RAF Regt. thread and Multi Role Bdes covers it all, good to see that Grumblegrunt is as eloquent as ever.

    And HCMR whilst being purely ceromonial draws officers and soldiers from HCR who are an RAC regt along with the rest. They do and have done their share in the last few years.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if those in 2RTR didn't start puckering up when this was first broached.
  7. Why?, RTR is used to amalgamation, it is not the fault of the soldiers or the current serving officers, 1st. and 2nd. RTR will do just fine as RTR. RHQ RTR is another matter.
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    The Next Issue of THE TANK will be late.

    . Details are as follows:-

    Tank Magazine to the Printer by 6 December.

    Printer sends Tank Magazine out on 13 December

    Tank Magazine arrives in time for Christmas.

    We gather there is going to be a House of Commons announcement re 1RTR on 14 November and they wish to put the contents of the announcement in the December issue of Tank Magazine.