Future of 1 Regt AAC

1 Regt is coming back and the details of where and when are being drawn up in the very near future (wait out)!
Over here, we're told that we're staying for the moment - certainly until 08, probably until 10 - possibly later . . .

But then . . . what do we know?! Personally, I reckon that the Regt will remain in Germany for as long as 1 Div are here. It may not be 1 Regt as we know it now however, I think it unlikely that the Div will do without ANY aviation . . .

If you know better . . . I'd love to hear the latest!!!


Its OK boys and girls...........Ill Fly the Corps flag for you in Germany......until at least 2018.
On a related subject does anyone know anything about the rumour of all Lynx moving to Yeovilton/ Apache to Wattisham as whole fleet management bases? Seems to keep cropping up in conversations I have.


If the builders turn up to do a major refurb job on your hangars and accomodation, nip round to the QM and get your MFO boxes in. Look what happened in Detmold.

The same ole question, when will all of the helo force become one . . I know why not close Wallop/Odiham/Yeovil and all move all the rotary fleet to Lynham and move all of the Hercs to Brize N.....

Ladbrooks are taking bets I hear :)

Then it will be 1 Regt AAC - - Sorry who . . .

Well the speculation has been there for years, so place your bets now . . . .

Edited fer speilling missteaks
Ask your lords and masters for the Op Belvedere (yes, really!) report. Lists various options including "One Base, One type" option.
I was there when one of the Powers that be from JHC made a comment about project Belvedere and future basing options. If you read between the lines about the comments he made is basically the light is fading on all them tax free cars. Thats why I quickly bought my car and ran back to UK before the rush!!!
Sorry Ralf...........Not me mate.........You see, I may be true blue but am in a posn to stay here, as I said to 2018. It would be a damn shame though if 1 Regt were to go. Where I am now means I can always nip down to GT to find some sanity and have an intelligent conversation. That can be difficult in the present location. However even if they do shoot the tyres of the tax free fun bus, it will still be cheaper to live over here. As long as one fecks the Naafi off at the high port or one tells "Pay as you dine" to "Save while I eat out".

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