Future Monkey seeking tips

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Oor_Mate_Vlad, Jun 19, 2009.

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  1. Evening one and all.

    First up apologies if I come off as some kind of dick since this is my first post on this fine forum.

    Now to the meat:

    Currently a Crowbag at the fine establishment that is Her Majesties Fun Camp Pirbright aiming to become a member of that fine body of men that is the RMP. Just wondering if there's anyone here who has any handy hints and/or tips for when I get out of ATR(P) and into my phase 2.
  2. Yep..............choose another trade
  3. Seconded
  4. Monkey reference will get you loved.
    If you have what it takes to be a member of RMP, you will do it without needing 'tips' or soliciting them where your question will only open flood gates of opportunity to the frustrated writers of Monty Python scripts.
    All in all, best stay where you are and get one thing at a time finished and not keep diving in and out like a mong swimmer
  5. Dagnammit ORC!
    You effectively stymied me - had a Monty P's Flying C script good to go...
    Good advice to this potential Royal Military Policeman though.
  6. Keep your mouth shut, your head down and - if you want to be a Monkee - start learning to watch your back.

  7. Eh oop.....looks like the 'Lambrini Girls' are upset.
  8. OMV: Or, if it is promotion you seek in the RMP, keep your mouth open and arse up.............it worked for Biscuits :wink:
  9. Well since everyone's been telling me it's a 20week beasting I think I'll stick with the 'head down, mouth shut' approach. I was really trying to get some scope on the stuff I should concentrate on while in the fine phase 2 establishment and perhaps some feedback from guys who have been in the lovely new tri-service training centre.
  10. From what I see fitness is a God so run everywhere carrying heavy weights.
  11. and the SPS will do anything for biscuits.
  12. Joking aside, if I were actually joining the RMP, I dont think I would use the term "monkey" seeing as it is a derogetory term for said arm.

    Getting through phase one is easy,

    Do what you are told, when you are told, and do it to the best of your ability.

    Phase two, is more about listening and holding that info for when you are required to bring it back out again.

    After that, just remember that the rest of the army think your a bunch of cnuts, and expect to be abused.

    Hope that helps ;)
  13. Monkey? Tips? PG Tips perhaps?

    Watch your back at Southwick Park. Plenty of cocks and nobbers trying to get ahead by putting you behind.
  14. You think it stops at Southwick Park?
  15. or that it is confined to the RMP?