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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Crusty(LE), Jun 29, 2008.

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  1. I've somewhat lost touch with where we are with respect to FLynx (ok I know, wrong helicopter, too late etc)... but can anyone update me on the latest?


  2. No, cannot update you as there is still nothing to update. It was part of PR08 which is now complete and yet nobody wants to explain what has happened to the project. Not even the Lynx IPT know.
  3. We were told a few weeks back that nothing for the next four years and we will have to grizz it with what we have........ :(

    Thats great considering lynx EOS is 2012 :x
  4. wastelands haven't even cut any bacofoil to start building them yet so i think 2012 is a bit optimistic
  5. *cough* they have *cough*
  6. think you might find that them bits is for a certain north a****** superlynx order but i may be mistaken

  7. You are. ;)
  8. Whoopeee!!!!!! back to wastelands soon then for another round of nightshift pay, getting sick of being surrounded by matelots :lol:
  9. Ok, but if you think that you will be working on an airframe that marks a sea-shift in helicopter design, you might be a touch dissappointed, perhaps....dunno...
  10. We are talking wastelands here, believe me i know how crap their designers are :wink:
  11. Future Lynx NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo!

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  12. I'd be hard pushed to describe them as designers to be honest. That would suggest they sometimes come up with something new and useful.
  13. They certainly have new ideas about wiring and riveting, especially when it comes to access for rivet guns and reaction blocks. Its quite hard to get the feckers away from their cosy office to actually look at an airframe.
  14. Last time I picked a cab up from Westlands that had undergone servicing, they had refitted the 'bonk' incorrectly and we flew all the way across to Germany with it poorly attached, but i thought, thats ok, they only 'designed' it, they must now what they are doing.....hmmmm
  15. Superfrog, similar to the time we dropped a cab off there (Mk9) and they firstly didn't know how to take the brakes off and secondly broke the nose leg shear pin because they hadn't got a clue how to ground handle it. 8O