Future Lynx

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sam_Fisher, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. Yes I look forward to embracing this magnificent aircraft

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  2. It will be just the same as always....crap

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  3. No it will ruin the corps, just like Apache

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  1. So hands up who thinks the Air Corps will be getting future Lynx then, as I hear it might be sh*t canned!
  2. How can something that has not been accepted be shit canned? The future lynx looks ok, if we get it we get it and if we dont - dont worry.

    I am a bit more worried about the lack of serviceable ground vehicles to support the aircraft at the minute, so if we start at the lower end of the spectrum we may eventually get somewhere , we as the army do not have enough money to buy what we want, when we want seen as army aviation has been cut back by another £billion.
  3. Whats the last sentence all about !!!!!
  4. slave have you been touching the grown up drinks again?
    wtf is your last sentence about. Go away and learn some england!
    are you trying to say that it's all well and good having flashy helicopters but thats a waste of time if we don't invest in decent ground eqpts as well. Or have i completely missunderstood your inane ramblings or did your cat walk across the keyboard when you went for another beer. Explain.
  5. iT IS nOT mEANT tO mAKe sENse.
  6. From information in open knowladge would someone state just what the future planned streangths of the AAC will be.
  7. future strengths? One big, mighty gang fcuk!!
  8. On the Ground or in the air?

    On the ground we're looking at most of our chinooks and WAH-64's u/s.

    In the Air? Teh two last Puma's we still can aford to buy spares for, and maybe, just maybe a Merlin to transport royalty around in.

  9. A lot smaller!!! FLynx is up there with two other choices, EC135 or NH90.
  10. EC135 I would suggest is too small should be low maint by now. Nice a/c Mighty Gem flys one.
    No I didn't mean the low maint I remember Lynx 3 maint hours per flying hour was 22 at one point, time dims the brain.
  11. 86 AC currently down to 66 by 2012 (LYNX INFO ONLY)

    Due to be replaced entirely by 45 (+/- 5) in around 2014.

    1 Reg Relocate to Yeovilton by end of FY 2007

    1 Lynx Squadron cut from 4 Reg

    5 Regt disbanded and amalgamated with 1 Reg in Yeovs.

    Problems however at present are that the Navy and Marines are quite keen to keep hold of Yeovilton and are not keen on relinquishing space.

    Other possibility is for the new 1 Regt to occupy RAF St Mawgan as that closes this year.

    Those were the facts last week.
  12. Quickstop, you were not far off up to 1 Regt near the sea, the rest is so far off the mark, mind you it may have changed by the time I get into work!
  13. quickstop is right as we stand.
  14. well regarding the situation of 1 Reg, having chatted with the Sqn Ldr who reports on Joint Estate Management he told me all about the issues of finding a UK Base.

    Its all genuine. As of last week.
  15. The problems of Yeovil are well known, not least the lack of MQ's due to the the Navy being encouraged to buy their own. Lx Sqn to be cut from 4 regt, wrong Regt, 5 Regt to be disbanded and amalgamate, they will be around in a new role a lot longer than me!