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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by spike7451, May 25, 2010.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Found this image in 'tinternet,it's obviously a flight test aircraft.Qustion is,will it ever enter service or be cut by the new government?

  2. T02 to be precise :wink:

    Your guess is as good as mine

    (well its not actually. Mines a better guess...)
  3. Is it just me, or does the airframe looks like it should be about 25% bigger to match the engines, rotor and tail boom?

  4. Dont worry, it'll grow in to them.
  5. Hello,

    there is another recent picture here.

    I hope those bits which appear to be missing from the tail are not important.

  6. Why am i yet to see one with NAVY down the side of it? Even the gray one?
  7. http://www.flightglobal.com/articles/2010/05/25/342345/pictures-british-armys-lynx-ah9a-enters-use-in-afghanistan.html

    PICTURES: British Army's Lynx AH9A enters use in Afghanistan
    By Craig Hoyle
    Click Here

    The British Army has successfully introduced its first upgraded AgustaWestland Lynx AH9A utility helicopters into frontline use in Afghanistan.

    Two of the modified aircraft were delivered to Camp Bastion aboard a Royal Air Force Boeing C-17 strategic transport from Brize Norton in the UK, and entered operational use earlier this month after several familiarisation flights, says the UK Ministry of Defence.

    Equipped with new Honeywell/Rolls-Royce LHTEC CTS800-4N engines, the AH9As will be capable of flying year-round in Afghanistan, unlike the army’s baseline Lynx AH7/9s. The modified aircraft also have M3M 12.7mm (0.50cal) machine guns, and improved communications, surveillance and self-protection equipment.

    RAF Wg Cdr ‘Spats’ Paterson, commanding officer of the UK’s Joint Helicopter Force (Afghanistan), welcomes the arrival of the upgraded aircraft. “They are a valuable addition to the UK helicopter force, and the modifications they carry make them an extremely effective platform,” he says.


    © Crown Copyright

    Roles to be performed with the Lynx AH9A include convoy overwatch, reconnaissance, surveillance, support helicopter escort and troop transport, the MoD says.

    AgustaWestland is working to modify all 22 of the army’s Lynx AH9s to the enhanced standard under urgent operational requirement contracts with the MoD.
  8. What's Wildcat then; is that future Lynx, or am i getting my avn mixed up?
  9. Probably because GRAY isn't a colour on British colour charts!
  10. Sorry grey then :p
  11. Give it a year in service, and I'll put a fiver on it getting doubler-plates on the boom at both the transportation joint and forward of the IGB.

    BTW, why park it on what looks to be a sink estate? Or is that an MQ patch in the background?
  12. Instinct, I last heard that the idea is for FLynx to operate in a common pool of aircraft - with equipment being put on or taken off depending on who needs the helos, Army or Navy.

    To minimise the time taken doing this, the idea is that there should be a common paint scheme, and 'studies have shown' that a grey paint scheme is the best in both the land and maritime environments. Hence grey FLynx.
  13. Tis parked on the western ramp at AW. The chav estate in the background makes most MQs look like Sandringham...
  14. Ta Flash.

    Practical experience has also demonstrated that grey blends into the background at around 1km.

    Except on Gem-engined Lynx. They stay shiny whatever colour you paint them.
  15. Ah Clod mi old mate
    "I'll put a fiver on it getting doubler-plates on the boom at both the transportation joint and forward of the IGB."

    Must have told ya about my last few months in the service when the NI theater reserve Lynx 666 developed a 6-8 inch vertical crack just forward of the transportation joint.
    I was gobsmacked as was mi ASM and the experts from Fleetlands who came out to check on the Gibberish message they had had from Bellykelly. 6 inch vertical crack on a Heli Never, but it was and I never saw the cab again after they took her away.