Future Lynx decision within weeks!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Ralf, Nov 8, 2008.

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  1. That might actually be a better option :twisted:
  2. No offence RALF but all of the local rags to Yeovil have been saying this for 6 months, the word "imminent" has taken on a whole new meaning in that area.

    The bosses in AW have to be very careful just how hard they push for a decision as it could very well go against them.
  3. But would'nt that be a good thing?
  4. The minute it looks like it's going bad they'll have the press primed to release the usual '3000 jobs to go' crap they did last time. This project was started nearly a decade ago and there is nothing to show for the millions spent so far.

    I'm not a fan of bringing in new helicopters due to the hidden costs with tooling, training, etc but in this instance i think buying something else would have been better and in service by now. When it comes to the medium and heavy i'm a firm believer in buying more merlins and chinooks and doing it quickly.
  5. Definately!

    Also, now that Boeing have given license for AW to build and upgrade Chinooks in the EU it would be a smart Defence Sec that suggested 20-30 new CH47 to be built in Yeovil.
  6. "it would be a smart Defence Sec that suggested 20-30 new CH47 to be built in Yeovil."

    But surely this would actually be Committing UK Armed Forces to the often Nue Labour quoat of 30 years in Afghanistan.
  7. This was an article that I found a while back that I added to thread on a similar topic!

    "Last December Sikorsky signed a five year $7.4 billion contract for 537 upgraded UH-60 Blackhawk and MH-60 Seahawk helicopters for the US Army/Navy. With support and spares packages, this is approx $21m per helicopter- a little over £10 million at the current exchange rate.

    US forces will receive nearly eight times as many airframes for not much more money than the UK is proposing to spend on 70 Future Lynx helicopters destined for service with the British Army and Royal Navy!"
  8. It's all right having loads of helicopters but you still need people to fly and maintain 'em. maybe the SPAMs can sell us some of their people as well!!
  9. Back in ancient history, I remember when the talk was for the WG 13 to come into service.
    Two crew and 9 fighting biting trained killers in the back. Stop laughing even I don't think it's funny, we where naive aircrew and all.
    No one ever in my time, told us that the only reason we where getting the WG 13, Lynx to yous pups, was that their Lordships needed the Army to have the same 'Basic' cab to justify their Sub killer for HM Small Boat Flights.
    I know it's all political and in reality the Army will not get the aircraft they need for the Killing on the ground job, great shame, only comment I will make is that the new Honeywell/RR engine has loads of power 1,300 big donkeys.
    Mind you don't use it in the desert for that does call up problems as RR probably wouldn't tell you.