Future LBH Aircraft

Just for fun. Lets see which Aircraft we, the operator, would have chosen, if we had been consulted.

I've put the three most obvious options, and generalised for any others.

Remember, it's just for fun. People with a far better pay scale than ours decide.
Hardly a suprise to see that result so far!

Having just pi55ed away a large proportion of the MODs shopping money on a very nice Cold War asset, do you really think Govn PLC would let us spent the next twenty years procurement dosh buying another shiny bit of kit just for the hell of it? Oh, and it's not made near Taunton! ;D
The problem is, as I had pointed out to me the other day, that the B****hawk would fall under the Crabs remit if B-liar was to buy it.

PS I see  the Wastelands Rep has voted!


Oh dear, there are some grumpy teddy bears out there.

1.  Bl@ckhawk is a lift helo.....please forgive me, but of our 5 roles 'the limited movt of men and material' is the last one.

2.  Do I want to be sat in a recce/obs position cueing AH/FGA/MLRS with either a large RCS of a Bl@ckhawk or a smaller, more agile Future Lynx?  Hmmh...think about that one...

3.  If I want lift capability/capacity then me as Mr Taxpayer would expect SH to do that job.  Therefore I would expect either the RAF or RN to tip up.  You want Bl@ckhawk, sure mate, put your transfer papers in because you will see the Corps disappear the moment that someone takes your suggestion to the big wigs in town.

4.  AH will do the Armed/Offensive action (there are only 48 of them), therefore BLUH has to do everything else that MoD PLc wants (recce, direction of fire, assistance to C2 etc etc).  Personally, I do not want to be doing it in an airborne bedford equivalent.

5.  Therefore, my vote is Wastelands BLUH.....with IDM, correct sighting/sensors, fuel/range/endurance = to an AH and connectivity (oh please will someone put HF in atleast one of our platforms to enable long range comms Over The Horizon!) ::)
TSD, agree with you somewhat. Politically, Blackhawk would have gone SH = end of AAC.
Not going to discuss AH too much as it's a bit sensitive at the moment  ::)

Q. Why will the BLUH have its sensor/sight below where it used to be?

A. Because thats where the Naval versions will have it (I know, I know, there are technical reasons too). AH is aswell but we all know about that, 30 year old airframe, oops sorry, wasnt going to mention that.

Be under no illusion, the major market (as previous Lx) will be Naval variant. Just how many armies bought the skidded version? The AAC is very much the lesser, inbred cousin of the deal. You may well lob Core roles of AAC across the bows but you might find they are not as dynamic as they might have been.

Fact. As I have stated before, we have spent quite a bit of the army shopping list on the unmentionable. There is no way we would have another free hand on 'what we want' for at least the next 30 years.
Fact. Anything bigger than BLUH would encroach on the big hand of the crabs - survival aspect of the Corps.

Fact. The Naval package holds a higher value, commercially, than the Battlefield bundle.

Fact. It's better than what we have at the moment.

Fact. Politically/finacially, there is no other option (V big player today). Single, lesbian refugee mothers have more of a priority than defending the right of Bliar to hold his position.

We, as pilots would love to have 'the best' but in the real world we have to compromise. Always have done. Previous job (prior to WAH) was exactly the same.
Now those readers who know me will say I've done a complete 180 on my opinion. True. I've listened and learned. And accepted how it will be. Not 100% happy but we all have to come to terms if we wish to see the AAC continue as a relevant player at the table. Not looking brill at the moment!

Pipe dream would have been a few A129 Mangusta/or Tiger Sqn's (don't really need fully tooled heavy AH post cold war, with Blackhawk operated by AAC for 99.9% of our usual buisness complemented by a dedicated Lt recce type, BLUH or maybe Kiowa type with a mast mounted jobby.

One request to Westlands, I just hope you can fit a CD-Rom/DVD player on the interface of the MFD's so we can upload porn on the BLUH?
Climbing out of my trench to tangle with you blue bereted 'gods' as you seem to enjoy calling yourselves,  how about this?

As I've suggested in the Inf thread, why not get rid of the RAF, especially any interface with the Army, ie excpting Strike, altogether?  Before you laugh me out of the thread..

We, the blokes who you are going to have to lift in whatever LBH, would rather have you guys flying us than the Crabs.  You have largely done the same training, have the same work ethos (although evidence of crabism is creeping in, see new accn in Nanyuki) as we do, and lets face it, more often as not you'll fly even when your blue card doesn't match the sky.

You speak the same language as us and since quite a few of you have actually lived in trenches / tabbed around South Armagh, you understand what it means when you do not show.

So, why not apprach this from another angle.  You get the LBH you need (dreams are free I suppose) and the crabs hand tp lift back to the Army, who let's face it, are the primary user.

Oh, and sack the air tpt fleet, Richard Branson is far more reliable, but that's another story....

Lord Flashart,

Some very excellent comments.  Have you thought about going into politics?  Or maybe sending the aviation department in the MOD anonymously, some guidance on what the person on the ground feels and knows?

Think that some of the hierarchy needs to come off cloud nine, and start to live in the real world.  Mothballed cabs, boots falling to pieces, guns don't work, etc, blah.  At this rate, New Labour will disband HM Forces, and replace it with 'The Private Army Company, Ltd'.  Hey, that really sounds like a good idea.  Think of the savings !! ;D
The only way I'll go into politics is leading a Division of Challengers down the mall with the APFDS set to 'kill anything in a machine washable polyester suit with a New Labour membership card'! :mad:

I thought we had already become 'The Private Army Company, Ltd'. There is too much mention of 'Corporate Image', clever jingoisms and 'management (Iip, PDR et al), in the muzak sense of the word' than traditional values concerning the Armed Forces. We appear to be discarding all of the past, thinking it was wrong, outdated and generally bad. Now not all was good, I agree but Tom, Jack Tar and Crab are regarded in a lower light than an Albanian Refugee who has an unhealthy intersest in spending some quality time with Posh spice in return for some dosh! I could go on.

Note to self; Start a new thread somewhere else as my memsahb is advising me that this is gobbledegook.

PS Just heard with regard to the topic of this thread that there is only enough money to field one Army Sqn and one Navy Sqn with 'Lynx with a body kit'.

Quick question. What the f*ck are we supposed to use in the mean time, use flight sim 2002?

Wibble kipper hatstand.
Quote:  Quick question. What the f*ck are we supposed to use in the mean time, use flight sim 2002?

Maybe, Flash, this is the future of all wars, in a simulator.  A more decent way to fight a war.  At least no one dies.  Or have I had too much lager with my Sunday roast?  Mmm, yes, I believe I did.   ;D
Why spend £850M on some reheated Wasteland leftover HAS Mk3s with AH engines and 3 soft and squashy things in the cockpit and cabin?

When you can have Predator II with Hellfire BLOC 3 reducing 4x4s to kit form for a fraction of the cost..and no blood spilt ( maybe some coffee on the console)!

Any takers on MS UCAV Flt Sim 2003? ::)
Suerly no real aircrew would be sad enough to be 'Helicopter spotters'!

Useually reserved for rather sad Atpr's with acne and arfix kits in thier rooms!

Acne, Please! I know a few loser pilots that have more spots than all the Groundies at Wattisham. ;) Must be the sweat from your flying helmets I guess? :-[

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