Future King cops a feel!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by willdawe, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. Future King cops a feel!

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  2. Been done .........
  3. brilliant
  4. bugger, must of missed it then......

  5. Oh i soooo bet she has!
  6. Although on second viewing i do think that the air cargo could do with some better strapping to the fuselage. Any turbelance could put some young lads eye out.
  7. In all the threads related to this picture I have neglected to remark that while I accept that this is a respected, experienced, sister officer, she provokes most unbrotherly feelings in my manly bosom! Or my trousers.
  8. Cuddles, you're right. If I were the heir apparent (and boy, would I be apparent), I'd be demanding some droit de seigneur. She's hot.
  9. Surely it is part of HRH's job description? :)
  10. She must have huge top b*ll8cks, they look impressive in 2's
  11. I know, they have been shoved rather unceremoniously somewhere beneath her rib-cage. They need to redesign female no 2s - possibly along the lines of a tudor bodice?
  12. The question remains; who is she?
    I'd eat a mile of her sh1t just to lick her arrse, but I have very, very low standards.