Future Force 2020 - Effect on the AGC

So, 23 x 22 man SPS detachments scrapped with their Regts/Bns - just over 500 clerks.

Restructuring of Brigades and Divisions, more clerk losses.

Large amount of posts converting to TA. More losses.

Only circa 120 made redundant so far. This means we stand to lose at least 500 HR posts in the next two tranches of redundancy.

So come on Directorate, start feeding us some real facts about these cuts and the net effect before nuggets like me start spreading rumours - like the way you're pretty crap at communicating any real hard facts. Christmas comes round more often than your newsletter.
I heard that all AGC(SPS) soldiers who have failed to pass, or not attempted PFT and AFT within the last 3 years are going to be let go on admin discharge. With all those soldiers out of the way you shouldn't have to worry about compulsory redundancies.
Letter from DSPS(A) on route to RAOs now detailing the changes, with a brief to be given by the 12th. Enjoy.
In a very small det and have just been given the letter and everything with it, quite an interesting read. Not as bad as some may have thought but then i am in my last 2 so probably not going to see the effect.
B3 - letter rxd and read with joy. Good to see that there is no firm commitment to Officer redundancies yet, but that there will be more soldier redundancies. The Corps has always been great at looking after the gaggle of fat arsed useless Majors wading around the directorate and associated HQs. You'd be ashamed to know the percentage of them that can't deply due to being biffed/fat/useless.

You can take the 'Golden Thread' and use it to stitch the rest of the Branch up. Oh hang on, you already have.

Notice to Terminate due in 88 days. Can't f*&king wait.


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Just had a briefing on SPS 2020.

If anyone wants details PM me and I'll get back to you in the morning.

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