Future for the over 50 NCO...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. Given that the over 50s cannot be deployed ( except for specailist roles eg, med ) what future is there for the over 50s?

    Will there be a cull of wrinklies?

    And why should Officers be allowed to deploy up to age 55? Are they by virtue of their Commission somehow more robust and hardy?
  2. If someone can't be deployed, for whatever reason, they should be binned.

    They can always take up "military modelling" or somesuch.
  3. Why?

    ten etc etc
  4. Would you employ a binman, that can't empty bins?
  5. Can he still drive the bin lorry?
  6. No. He's too old.
  7. Smudger

    You've not answered the question.

    Its a serious issue, any chance of a serious answer for once?
  8. Hey, we've a bloke over 50 who is a cvrt crew commander on herrick at the mo
  9. My serious answer is, if they can't be deployed, why have them? Bin them.

    Going back to the bin-man analogy, what if the driver was over 50, and able to drive the wagon, but the guy emptying the bins got injured, the guy that was over 50 can't replace the injured guy, as he's to old to do the job well enough.
  10. What stops a bloke over 50 being deployed?
    I know several who are plenty fit enough, but most alas are not.

    More to the point, why do the over 50s insist on staying in and blocking PIDs? When I get to that age I wont want to be racing home on a friday night to get to TA.
  11. There is no will to deploy them on current ops.

    Presumably they would be deployable for UK ops, or in event of a large scale call up for a national emergency.

    Understand that there is also no will to call up students or single parents in current circumstances. This would also change in event of emergency.

    Main role for over 50s should be enablers, and they shouldn't be holding up the young guns for promotion.
  12. It will be his last hurrah. I've a mate who is pushing 57 and he won't be getting another chance either. Tough titty I'm afraid.

    So, what do the over 50s bring to the party that is so vital? That's right, unless ex-reg probably **** all apart from a few dits of camp in the Fatherland waiting for 3rd shock army.

    Move on. No? Fine CFTs till they fail one, warned about fitness, binned.

    BTW they should kiss their bounties goodbye as well.
  13. As long as they're not fat they should be fine. If they're fat Stacker1 will be upset...

  14. FFS! Aren't officers over fifty years old generally in more sedentary roles than NCOs?
  15. I wish the over Fifty would move to one side and allow some younger enablers to gain some experience :)