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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by shiny, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. Anyone here have any experience of Future Fit Training, good bad or indifferrent. Am looking to do a course with them.

    Many thanks
  2. Ive been looking at doing a training course with them too, the guy rings me up nearly every day and asks me if ive decided on a course yet, the courses look quite good but this approach has put me off a bit. The personal trainer course can be done in modules which is the reason it appealed to me over courses ran by premier global etc
  3. Yes same here, he seems to be quite keen to get my business. I had that type of selling on my resettlement too (made the wrong career choice) then the course went on to be fantastic.
  4. As a former fitness industry training course tutor, I'd like to offer some helpful advice for any ex-military personnel considering investing in professional qualification in the fitness industry.....

    I'd definitely recommend YMCA training (whom I qualified with).

    Future Fit Training does offer personal training qualification, but it is nowhere near the same standard as YMCA. I used to work for FFT as a tutor, so can make this statement from first-hand experience.

    If you're considering investing in training, then go for the best standard available. DON'T take a 'short-cut'.

    YMCA has the best reputation in the industry, way above FFT or Premier Training. (These others will tell you they are the 'leaders', but that's their own marketing claims - after all, they're after your money!)

    I quit FFT because of their declining standards in course development and customer support. This why why I offer this advice.

    I met many ex-military personnel on my training courses, and I must say it was always a pleasure to work with them. All were disciplined, dedicated, hard-working people. I believe such people deserve the best standard of training for their potential success.

    I hope these comments will be helpful.
  5. i have done FFT courses and they are good, good vaule for money and teach you everything you need to know do instruct.

    If your looking to get serious into the industry though make sure you get REPs points for your course and if its a PT course it MUST be reps level 3.
  6. I also completed my course with Future Fit and I found it really good although they do pursue you until you sign up which was annoying and they do ring a lot afterwards but as long as you tell them to jog on it does stop. They are certainly not the cheapest around either so it pays to shop and find a good provider at a decent price.

    The assessor I had was excellent and couldn't fault him in any way. The only down side for me was being on a course with lots of 18 year olds - as nice as the girls were - I was something of a grandad to them. I now have my own clients, a member of REPs and have just signed up with BMF to make sure I keep myself busy.

    Good luck with your choice
  7. just a quicky I was never phoned or hassled to sign up to the course or to sign up to anythign else afterwards.
  8. Can you tell me if the anatomy questions they are the same what they send me to answer I am stress because I put the cours on hold long time ago and now I don't know where to start again help.
  9. I have just finished my training with them for Gym Instructor but I enrolled for Personal Trainer which is like months from now due to spaces apparently. Gym Instructor training was no to standards as they graded me on other things that I was told about... good I like gym environment and covered it all... is there anyway I can get away from further agreement with them? and stop my PT course? I really wish I joined YMCA
  10. Do not use Future Fit as they are fraudsters. Future Fit ripped me off for £3500. The training is a joke and the staff and management are just as bad. Consider other training providers and not Future Fit. Warning do not use them!
  11. Care to elaborate why they are poor?
  12. Sure thing. Several points are below for you to consider
    i had the same piece of work marked by two instructors and one passed me and one failed me. When I queried this i was fobbed off by the supervisor who said that they were both right???? How the heck is that helping me?
    The course itself is full of theory and very minimal practical so boring. Five days in total for both the gym instructor and PT!
    i was told that you only need to spend 5 hours per week studying whereas both myself and all of the guys on my course were on average spending around 10 hours per week.
    The training support team who work from home do not get back to you and when they do its like you are a burden to them.

    i was pestered into signing up with them with so many false promises to get my money. I wish I would never have picked up the phone to them and gone with a more competent company.
  13. Future Fit are a joke! I did my Exercise to Music course with them and learned nothing. Okay, I admit having extensive knowledge in anatomy when starting the course as well as tons of experience regarding exercise (been doing sports and dance from age 5), but still! It caters to the lowest common denominator possible. 90% of participants were either totally unfit or overweight, it's ridiculous to assume these people could get a quick qualification and then go on to teach others. Talk about the blind leading the blind....
    First of all, they teach you nonsense, like e.g. not being allowed to raise your arms up until a certain point in a class. Out of thousands of classes I have taken, pretty much all of them had some sort of stretching at the beginning and that involved stretching out one's arms above the head. As you can imagine, all participants died because of this (I am being sarcastic).
    Then they force you to talk nonsense throughout the class-nobody does that during their classes ever!!!
    When we broke for lunch, we were told by the tutor about the proximity of a McDonald's. How on earth can someone who works in the health and fitness industry advise people to go eat at McDonald's?
    One of the modules of the course was 'Choreography and Conditioning'. It took place on a Saturday at 9.30am at a gym in Central London. Being car-less back then and because of London's ineffective transport system, I had to get a cab to get there on time which cost me money, but when I arrived the tutor still wasn't there. We waited for here until about 10.30, then we went into a studio, listened to the usual blah blah and were then asked to talk to each other and divulge our most embarrassing experience. This went on until 12 o'clock when we had to vacate the studio because a class was taking place and consequently had a one-hour lunch break. Technically, I could've turned up at 1pm. If I want to listen to people tell me stupid stories, I can do that for free, I don't need to pay a course fee for that.
    Future Fit's training is so bad it's downright scary!