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Discussion in 'Officers' started by R_Parr, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering what line of work within the army is available with a geology or geography degree? Im currently in my first A level year and interested in officer training during and after UNI as a career while studying one of them two subjects.

  2. command of english is more useful than an 'ology'
  3. so you can read a map
  4. your degree subject will be of little use to you as an officer unless it's a vocational qualification eg, medicine or law, then you will follow a very different career path from a mainstream officer.

    The REME insist that you have a techy type engineering degree (check with their recruiters)...my last job was with YOs, we had graduates in literally everything from classics at Oxbridge to Equine Science
  5. Almost everything - most regiments are going to accept the fact you got a degree and then worry about your OLQs.

    However, the REME and RSIGNALS will be rather sniffy about your (lack of official) technological expertise and the cutting up bits of the RAMC, RADC and RAVC are clearly out of bounds. AGC(ALS) are probably also not a first-line hope.

    That leaves you with rather a lot of opportunities all the way from teeth to tail.
  6. Geology easy

    Royal engineers

    Well driller
    Rock licker

  7. Your about 100 yrs too late. The pioneers would have snapped you up in 1914.
  8. Thought about being an Oceanographer in the Royal Navy?

  9. REME yes to a certain degree, RSIGNALS nope, there are people there with biology degrees, basket weaving and so on. More important is the added life experience, maturity and demonstration of ability to study to that level I'd suggest.

    Agree with all other comments - Geography degree will allow you to do virtually anything.
  10. Doesn't appear to be an essential prerequisite however.
  11. Have you considered the Royal Corps of Geologists?