Future bodyarmour?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_0ne, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. The Dragonskin - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuMHhw_w1qs

    The dragonskin armour looks impressive? :numberone:

    The dragon skin easily sees off 7.62 rounds and will take muliple hits, bcause of the design i imagine its a lot lighter than current armour.
  2. looks to be a useful bit of kit - took some majoramount of punishment!

    the grenade test was good - but you'd still suffer BABT, Behind Armour Blunt Trauma - but hopefully not multiple fragmentations
  3. ..wow although when US forces are using them, we will probably have cut-back to plate metal armour from the museam
  4. Nah , looking at the curent lardy youth of today I offer you the Puppy (fat) armour system , top 'em up with burgers and fries, and available in Burburry™ cammo, innit.

  5. Impressive against the AK 7.62 x 39 round. That is one of the highest KE dispersing rounds in common use at the moment.

    I don't think that IMHO a british soldier would turn down the opportunity to have that armour in place of current issue.

  6. Funny, a sceptic mate told me he'd seen it trialed at Fort Jackson(?).

    According to him, it was good stuff over 100 yards distance but suffered lethal penetrations from 5.56 under it. How it's stands up to 7.62 he never said, but I doubt it would deal with it any better than NATO 5.56mm, surely?

    {edited: because I'm a sausage fingered cnut.}
  7. Put it this way the britsh army will issue is 2096 and iil be pushing up the daisy's by then. Mind you we wont have any army then.
  8. Good chance that was 5.56 greentip ammo, though. The tungsten penetrator stuff. It seems the armour that stuff doesn't go through under a 100 yrds has yet to be made...

    Just saying: doesn't have to mean it wouldn't stand up to 7.62 Russian at those ranges...
  9. The Dragon skin has been proven against green tip ammo.

    This video is impressive - http://www.pinnaclearmor.com/video/ak47-9mm-outdoor.wmv

    SOV-2000™ Outdoor Ballistic Test Shoot
    AK47 7.62x39mm - 40 Rounds at 20 ft
    & 9mm 9x19mm - 150 rounds at 10 ft
  10. *whistles*
    That is impressive
  11. Maybe we can get it issued to our forces with a nice Tony Blair Renovation replacing everything that isn't just bog standard fabric with with what the labour party describe as the latest technology in Assured Impact Resiliance - ie. air

    It does make sense though, having it layered/interlocked so that the impact is spread out. Kind of a surprise it hadn't been thought of a while ago.
  12. I wonder what a .50 or a RPG would do to it.....
  13. Put holes in it.
  14. Ha!...New fangled inventions!

    We`ll just recommision all the old chain mail armour thats lurking around in various Museums - We did it with the FV432 so it should be OK with Body Armour.

    seriously though - it certainly looks as if it delivers the goods - its just a shame that it in all probability will not help save British lives!
  15. Now to do something about those pesky limbs, neck and face :D

    It certainly looks very impressive, but no doubt if the MoD got hold of it, after numerous trials, modifications and paperwork, it would be whittled down to CS95 material.