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Future as a locksmith

A year to do and still haven't got a clue what my next career will be.
Fancy being my own boss, working my own hours, certainly dont want to do plumbing, electrician, builder etc. Been looking at locksmiths, heard various reports on it. I admit I am not mechanically minded, some said it didnt matters others told me to forget it.
Has anybody done it before they joined up?
Done it for resettlement?
Or settled into it as a civvy with a new trade?
Really appreciate your comments.
Ha ha best of luck to you mate.
Some of the locksmith folk wont entertain you if you give a postcode which matches one they have trained someone to work in. So make it clear that you aint after stealing the patch of someone they have already trained but are interested in taking your work overseas. Some places even train you for overseas eqpt too!
Might be worth looking what you can do part time now (finance type stuff/running business etc etc and save the biggy for resettlement.
Wish you well all the same
(get your head in every pathfinder Quest type of magazine from here til finshing too)
I looked at it, Lamin, because I have spent most of my career in Army security.
However, the cost of the courses far exceeds the miserable little resettlement grant they give you. In all honesty, I didn't actually want to be a locksmith anyway, merely add another string to my bow, security wise. The one that was recommended to me is Anvil Locksmiths up in the North east (www.anvillocksmiths.com), who apparently run really good courses, but I haven't personally attended one.
I have done a bit of lockpicking since I got out (Army not prison) its not how it appears on the movies. Lots of experience needed to recognize locks by colour/shape. If you have no previous (experience not prison) then it will be very very dificult to make a living, most areas have trusted locksmiths who take most of the work leaving only the poorly paid dregs to pick up.

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