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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by itsfantastic, May 3, 2005.

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  1. I have just attended my last interview with my ACA(O) before I go to RCB Briefing, and she has advised me to consider the effects of the FAS on my future choices. My understanding of this is that as well as the amalgamation of certain regiments, Arms Plotting is to end. Does this simply mean the infantry regiments (and the rest of the teeth arms?) will be permanently based in one place? If so, is the information as to where each regiment is to be stationed available?
  2. The exact places have not been fully disclosed yet. Sadly the Army web page is not yet up to date.

    I assume your interest is in the infantry:

    The Future Infantry Structure (FIS) is part of FAS

    Arms Plotting is to stop.
    Battalions will remain in place and role.
    Most Battalions will be part of Large Regiments of 2 or more Battalions
    Officers and men will be posted between battalions as required.
    The changes are to be completed by 2008.
    Because Arms Plotting was inefficient in terms of money and battalions being unavailable because of large moves and training required to fill new roles (and NI normalisation reuqired less infantry bns) the Infantry doesn't need to be so big - therefore has been reduced from 40 Bns to 36 Bns.

    I'm sure you'll find a lot of stuff written on ARRSE under FAS or FIS. If you are interested in a particular regiment at the moment I am sure it can be explained where they are going to and whatr they will be called if you ask a specific question.
  3. Not strictly true about the arms plot ending. It will for Armd / Mech (and some other specialist role Bns), but for light role the arms plot is alive and well. Light role Bns will still spend about two years or so in one location (this is how we will continue to man NI / Cyprus / public duties without haemorrhaging our soldiers).

    I believe that most Inf units know roughly where they will be when the music stops although the final plans as yet, do not appear to have been released.
  4. Well said Dog Monkey. AP will remain for those places which are deemed unpalatable. Cyprus, PD in London (ever seen what PD in Hounslow can do for retention) and until 'normalisation' NI.

    My advice - go for a Div that is embracing the large/large concept (such as the Lt Div or King's Div and the PoW Div more slowly). Don't worry what colour your hat will be, because it will be common for infantry officers to wear a number of different hats throughout their careers as they gain wider experience across AI, Lt, Mech in and out of AA brigades.
  5. I think they mean look at the long term future. The high level pen pushers do not see why we need so many infantry when there are not enough other types to support them (fly them there, sort out their post, get some water and keep them stocked with bombs and bullets). Consequently, the recent 4Bn cuts will be followed with further cuts around 2008. The cuts this time were geared at 4 - 8 Bns and most accept that the infantry got off lightly.

    Unfortunately, on the ground it isnt the same. The need for infantry is increasing whilst the type of ops are long term commitments without the same logistic and support burden as high intensity warfighting. Consequently, all the gunners and engineers are doing infantry jobs, the cav are just run around ragged and the infantry continue to be stretched.

    If you want a career I would recommend Cav - looking at their Reg C list they are 40 officers understrength between 1974 and 1980 years of birth, so lots of potential for promotion against less competition!
  6. ...so you're telling me gone are the days of a Battalion for life? Now it's mroe like the US system when men n officers are mixed up and rolled around from unit to unit?

    I've been over in the states for the past 4 years at a Mil Academy and all I can say is our current regimental system is the envy of all. Sure our system will not be as beaurocratic as here in the US, but doesnt one feel a part of a battalions espree de corps will be lost? This being my last year I'm pretty anxious to fing out what the hell is going on and where I should take myself.

    9 months to crunch time!
  7. As far as I understand (and I'm also just embarking on the road to an officer career, so I might be mistaken in some bits of this), the days of a battalion for life will pretty much be gone. The days of a Regiment for life are not (yet) intended to be. Royal Regiment of Scotland officers and men, for example, will stay in the RRS (or is it R SCOTS?) for the entirety of their career, wearing that rather awful capbadge that's just been designed.

    But they will be posted around between the five battalions of that regiment, so will be stationed in different places and learning different specialisms (armoured, mech etc).

    Most regiments are moving to large regiments. The details were outlined in 2004 in a speech by the CGS: