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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Scruffy-Engineer, Dec 28, 2005.

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  1. Can anybody shed any light on this subject? Is it happening? Whens it happening? or is some bad joke that will see all Army personnel wearing shoes and updated versions of the wooly pulley?
  2. A quick lesson on ARRSE if you want info on a subject you must provide some more specific details about your subject. if you do not you will be sentenced as a troll. Consigned to Trollmania where you will be used for sport by people with a wide variety of weapons that make a shotgun look like a feather duster.

    So to keep your good name on this site , fess up more info if not,


    Even worse you will be awarded the Oxygen thief medal Bar
  3. Just shoes and a wooly pulley,,,,,,well the mind boggles
  4. Not to mention the chokes of my shotgun as I take aim at a troll

  5. Here speaks a troll, take no notice of his twoddle & post what you want.
  6. thanks for the ARRSE advice gundog, however if i had any more information on the subject I probably would not be asking the quaestions in the first place. I did however view a vauge document that bought this subject to my attention
  7. For what it's worth I too have heard that CS95 is to be replaced by lightweights, shirts and wooly pullys and will only be worn on Ops or exercise. Apparently we go through CS95 too quickly and they cant justify the costs anymore. Why wear camoflague on the parade square and in offices?

    Tankies of course are exempt cos we just wear black coveralls all day.
  8. If you ask me it will be a welcome releif to go back to proper working dress, Im sick of having to squint and look hard at those rank slides to decide whether to bang one up for a major or brace up for a badgeman, bloody camouflage rankslides,. Plus you could always tell who was a grotty fcuker in lightweights and shirts.
  9. Funnily enough I was on a course at HQ LAND recently and noted the number of officers in lightweights and the good old woolly-pully (in fact the place looked like a multi-coloured swap shop) and when I asked someone in the know, about the uniforms, the quote was "the head sheds think wearing C95 in public is too threatening so they are now considering going back to the lightweights and jumpers. Good thing or bad, it does not wear out as fast as C95, and gives all the daft units a change to become boy scouts again by putting their pretty badges everywhere, along with crevattes, stable belts, blue pullys, green pullys, light green, dark green, brown, side hats, berets, **** caps, peaked hats, shoes, boots, slippers, shirts (any colour you want), name tags, ah, the fun of a jamboree !!!!
  10. God forbid the Army should ever look threatening...

    Isn't it already bad enough that people think the Police look like Storm troopers just because they recieved a new uniform that actually helps them in their jobs?
  11. TN, I wondered why people gave you such a hard time for being a mong, now it is clear to me. I hope you have nice time at Sandhurst maybe you'll learn something but I seriously doubt it.
  12. There's been some information before on ARRSE about FAD (Future Army Dress) and PECOC (Personal Equipment & Common Operational Clothing) Link
  13. Basically since 95s came in standards have dropped. The RN and RAF have smart uniforms that look good (a-hem) and professional. They are supposed to be bringing back wooley pulleys, some smart shoes for men as well as women, extra 2 trousers (insteadof the old barrack trousers). The idea is we will look a lot smarter and professional and thustly will also start to act the same way too.
  14. Surely the introduction of a new pair of trousers will not re-install the proffesionalism that we once had in the Army. We are too far down the line now and it would require a huge back to basics campaign. I for one think something slightly more radical is needed.
    And what is wrong with barrack trousers? I still have mine and I use mine all the time since my wife lost our cheese grater!
  15. Auld-Yin

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    It's OK - it is just a FAD they are going through :oops: :lol: