Future Army Dress (FAD) and Service Dress / No 2s

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Walt_waltberg_walterton, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. As some of you all of you or none of you may know, the Army is returning to the days of old in which the working dress for around camp will be 'Barrack Dress'. The new form of working dress being called Future Army Dress or FAD.

    This will also replace Service Dress and No 2's and will be the same pattern for both soldiers and officers alike.

    My question is, does anyone know of units that are changing over to FAD and therefore have old No 2's and Service dress knocking around ?
  2. Why?

    No further large scale issue of FAD will be made in this current year, as an in year saving, only those in ATR's are likely to get FAD at the moment.

    If your serving and still need the old 2's dress your QM's dept should be able to sort you out with spares etc, until FAD comes on stream for your unit......but you should know that!
  3. Answer,

    Because i have a number of friends who work with the cadet forces that will not be getting FAD. For the most part these people are paying to have a set of 2's and quite obviously paying for service dress also.

    If there is service dress and no.2's that are going to be destroyed surely we can try and find a better home for them. Luckily for me personally i do not need any old 2's, as i am based at an ATR and my old service dress is in good order.

    So thank you very much Bug-out, you managed to comment without actually really anything.
  4. the ACF don't need No2s. They all want it, but don't need it. If they want but don't need it... why worry about paying for it?
  5. Barrack dress? Is that those horrible green plastic trousers?
  6. Those of you that buy Para smocks, SAS smocks, your own ski gear, a Cat, large TV with Sky... your all in the wrong because you want these things but you really dont need them.

    Big-D dont be awkward for the sake of being awkward, if you cant help then dont comment. Its really as simple as that.

    Im not about to try and justify why anyone needs 2's Regular, TA, or cadet. I was simply seeking kit that may no longer be wanted and attempting to find it a new welcomed home.
  7. Well, if you had said it was for your friends in the ACF the answer would have been slightly different, but to reiterate:

    As the general issue of FAD has now been stopped, you will probably find that units will hold onto their stock of No 2's, unless they have only just gone over to FAD.

    Units that have recently gone over to FAD have probably back loaded their kit.

    I wasn't aware that you would require service dress in your current role.
  8. Yes as you may remember Barrack dress, it was much like dark green plastic. It takes a new form with FAD. Simply 2's and Service dress combined into a uniform that both Soldiers and Officers can wear.
  9. You know a great deal about me for someone who has only just joined the site, i have a stalker :D
  10. I wasn't being awkward. I was just mentioning that it's not something that's required, and thus would be difficult to pass over officially to the ACF as the QMs will either issue to everyone or no-one, and as it's not something the ACF are scaled for I doubt the Q would issue to everyone - especially as it's unlikely all the correct sizes could be sent.

    thus if it's something people wish to own, they should take their own steps to source it...
  11. Ok your point is taken there in regard to the issuing to everyone or noone.
    There is obviously no scalling in place for ACF's to have 2's and with the majority of the regluar army still using them it will likely never happen.

    And sorry for the .. being awkward comment, sometimes the barriers have to come up quickly on this site...

    In the greater scheme of things im a drop in the pond. I was thinking along the lines of, if the rest of the army is moving to FAD, there would be spare to be had. Understanding again that transfering such kit may not be easy. It is possible though and has been done.
  12. Returned No 2s will not be destroyed or made availible for the ACF or similar, they will like all servicable kit, sold, theres no money in charity. If ACF want it, buy it, you can pick up 2's dirt cheap, its bound to get cheaper as FAD comes in.

    Service Dress however will not be backloaded as its private purchase

    Thing I found strange is that attending my C1 training night as there is no money in the pot, spending a chunk of the evening getting sized up for FAD ?!?
  13. PM sent
  14. I didnt know you cared :p
  15. I'm sure a slow down or cease in the issue of FAD was on the official communication as one of the savings to be taken.