future army dress!! and provo pace stick

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by ports3, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. Having been issued the new FAD (future army dress), i have a question, not all badges are out or not in the our stores, although been issued with the FAD sgt tapes, but not FAD cannons so they are a diffrent colour, and thus don't match. anyone seen these yet? Are we staying with the old white tapes to go on the shirts.
    and one question about pace sticks, what colour shoud an artillery Provo carry? I await incoming for that question.
  2. White, to match your lanyard.
  3. In the colour they come in when issued you mong. Brown and shiny with brass bits! (You have to make those shiny yourself!)
  4. Indeed, they can be issued, but the OP should remember to get measured for one, the correct size is obtained by whilst standing to attention, measuring the distance in inches, from the bottom of the heel of the boot, to the top of the waistband of the belt. Could always go for the racing stick (slightly less weight, just means when you poke a crow in the chest with it, the aim is better). Be prepared to shell out the best part of £100 odd for one.
  5. I've been issued FAD for 6 months or so, but not been told when the switch to wearing it happens. I think it's 'orrible compared to my old SD, so wil resist the change.

    That said, if your unit is being issued FAD dress, but not FAD isnigia etc then they must know what to do in the interim. At a previous post, the staff either all wore FAD or none wore it, depending on particular issue. But it was Ph1 training and so one of the first to get it. The soldiers were issued it from a certian date, but again, soldiers/trainees might have been in FAd, with staff in No2s/SD.

    Pending direction I am ignoring the pile of brown stuff in bags that is my FAD in my spare room...
  6. I got fitted for my FAD kit when staff at Ph1 only got it back once posted back to Regt, so full kit and now badges, now i can't get the old kit. so i'm now half and half.