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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by msr, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    So, thinking caps on.

    What's going to be cool in the future?

  2. Not the planet, Global Warming don't you know!
  3. SA80's?

    when the new rifle comes in everyones going to be bitching how the it "actualy felt like a weapon" and "target will fall when hit three times" shall echo around arrse!!
  4. Tommy guns that fire love bubbles (in pink)
  5. I think the retro look will be in starting with puttees.
  6. Big tashes will make a comeback, mark my words. CSgt Bourne sidies too.

    Facial hair is the new clean shaven.
  7. scapra goretex boots which look like this

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  8. Next time I wear my gore-tex cold weather warfare boots, I'll have puttees to keep the bloody wet out. It took them a full 24hrs to dry, full of newspaper and on the radiator after a short wade through a stream :x
    I keep trying CBRN gloves, but the rubber keeps tearing.
  9. Laser cannon with a sling made out of para chord and nasty. DMS, puttees and digi-pattern trops. And for the ladies, Ron Hills and hover boots (white stiletto pattern).
  10. What does it matter, most of you old codgers will have kicked the bucket in the "future" but anyway. I will have an 80's porno tache and if i can get my hand on some putee's and maybe some soldier 2000 DPM when they introduce self heated/cooled ninja camofluage suits that blend into the enviroment ( with sleeves rolled up ofcourse)
  11. Barrack dress:

    Lightweight trouser's
    Jersey, heavy wool (maybe in gay Regt colour?)
    Shite RAF shoe's
  12. wearing one of those night vision strap clip things on your helmet even though you have never have, and probably never will be issued with a night vision monocal.

    I'm on det with a crabb techy that has one on this helmet, he doesn't even know what type of night vision aid goes on the f**king thing.

    niether do i mind, but i haven't got one on my helmet!

    It'll spread to the non-teeth arms of the army, you mark my words
  13. Nuclear Hand Grenades 8)
  14. How about a short/medium range land attack missile system for the army with divorced fire control, similar to the american NLOS LS, kinda like sniping with rocket artillary
  15. le LT in starship troopers with the metallic arm well ally
    nobody in the star trek federation managed to look ally though
    colonial marines trying a little too hard ala the raf regiment FFS starship to ground hit the ground looking like they have been in the field for years. put down the cigar SGT and geat a ******* grip of your men :x