Future AAC NCO or AAC Officer?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Nikolai1989, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. As above - I'm applying for MacDonalds food technician, but I want to be the CEO of CokaCola. Slight reality disconnect.

    PS. As your vocab extends to over 10 words, why on earth are you applying to be a chef?
  2. Oh ok. I honestly never believed what I am hoping for was as improbable or outlandish as your allusions would make them seem. Point humbly taken however. Given such responses, can you recommend and amendments which would see me possibly me possibly achieving an opportunity to be an AAC pilot? Also, in regards to why a chef, most of the other areas that I am intellectually and skilled suited for, because of residency issues, I have been deemed ineligible at least until for the next four years so in truth I have no ambition of making army chef being my end all and be all though this should not be taken to mean I devalue being a chef by any stretch of the imagination as I indeed do enjoy cooking so I expect i will have a good run of it while waiting for my residency situation to square itself away so that I can become eligible to be better utilized by other areas of the army. Still, tangent of why chef choice aside, I return to my initial question then, what feasible amendments to my aspirations can you recommend? Cheers in advance for any and all responses.
  3. Makes a change to the "I'm thinking of joining the RMP as an officer but Paras are my second choice" threads.
  4. Fair one, if residency is the issue. Carry on, just put all your energies into your professional work and get to the dizzy rank of Corporal as soon as you can. As soon as you achieve it, apply for Pilot training with the AAC. There is a multitude of tests and inteviews - so you'll have to be squared away and on the ball to pass. But if it's what you really want to do, it's achievable.
  5. If I keep my nose clean, do as I'm told and get good reports each year, do you think its possible to achieve the rank of Corporal in at least 5 yrs as a chef in the RLC?
  6. Why on earth are you asking people in the Sappers forum about promotion prospects in the RLC? Go and ask the useless wastes of space that you'd like to become, they have a completely different way of promoting than we do. We don't do Masterchef style cook offs to get our stripes.

    Can you somehow film some of the treatment you get during basic? Both from the nco's and the other lads in your troop once you've given them your high and mighty spiel about what you want to do.

    Bit of advice, the army you think your joining will all seem completely different once your in. You probably won't be as good as you think you are, and don't bowl up to your troopy and tell him to rip up his career planner for you, you'll look like a complete ****.
  7. Thanks for the advice swamped. Wish you all the best with your life's endeavors as well. Cheers.
  8. Did you do that deliberately, Swampy?
  9. get a ppl in both fixed wing & rotary whilst learning to be a chef.
    then apply to AAC, this may help you, but why not join AAC as a trooper?
    chef to pilot seems a strange method to go down?
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  10. I'll say I did.

    Chip on his shoulder?

    I'll get my coat.
  11. Or, save your money, as having a PPL is less useful than being a qualified cabbage-handler. As has been pointed-out on other threads re; joining the AAC with a plan to try to become a Pilot, if you've got the ability, the system will find out, regardless of your current trade. Having a 'teeth arm' background helps.
  12. I was also going to mention that - if you are under trade restrictions consider infantry rather than chef. If you are going to be a gunship pilot I'm sure the AAC will want to know you have something about you, and not your soup stirring skills either!
  13. Could be handy on a Lynx 9 Squadron.
  14. Thanks a lot for all the replies thus far. In an attempt to give as comprehensive an answer as possible to the aforementioned suggestions, I should note that I had considered going the infantry route but was informed that considering the matter that I would need to have achieved the rank of corporal or at least be recommended to be given such rank, then it would be tricky to go the infantry route as achieving such a rank in infantry can easily take even a decade for many persons. That being said, I figured I would go for an area that hopefully would have had a faster promotion prospect, among other things such as having civvie life job prospects, and most importantly as I am 23, I am trying to beat the ever moving foe of time as with AAC pilot there is an age limit of 29 or 30 I believe *any direct clarification on specific cut off age would be most appreciated*. As such, given the multiplicity of these factors, hence my choice. Is it feasible for me to achieve the rank of corporal in 4-6 years so I may be eligible tho...or is that wishful thinking?