Futher education

Ok so i left the army in April, completed the SDH/optics/Telecoms course for my resettlement. I'm looking at what i can use my ELC to enhance my cv and employability. The two courses im looking into are the CCNA and MCSE. I have heard different opinions, some say to get microsoft certified first then understanding should be easier. But others say to go straight into CCNA. I'm after the opinions of anybody who has completed either course and could offer some sound advice.
Er... stupid question, maybe, but do you want to go into network or systems administration? Re the CCNA, I found that it was a superb introduction to networking concepts (back circa 2001ish), and IOS is similar enough to some other networking configuration OSes to be useful with non-Cisco switches. The MCSE seems to be a useful tick in various HR boxes for helpdesk support jobs, but I can't comment on it content-wise.

Hope this helps...

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