Fussy borders

Waste of time and effort, mate. I'm happy they are restricted to the US.

I'd be even happier if they tried this crap somewhere sandy but that would never be allowed to happen........
While I don't care much for Phelp's and the loudness of his brood I find that these reports do highlight the hypocritical nature of the current Government. Want to voice your opinion on islamic theology that might hurt a small percentile of people's feelings because they'll turn places like Bradford into a 1:1 scale Belfast diarama? No entry. Want to voice your opinion on homosexuals that might have fingernails being sharpened to razor edge and handbags weighted? No entry.

Want to spew vitriol and rhetoric on how you must refuse the laws of the land and hate the non believer who accommodates you and tolerates your beliefs? Welcome to Britain.

All under the mantra of wanting to protect community cohesion eh? How amusing that only now does the Home Secretary pull the thumb out from up her arrse and sign off the get shot of order of the twat who has just been compensated for the inconvenience. :x
I must admit, it does seem to be, sort of, well ... inconsistent?

Bugsy said:
I must admit, it does seem to be, sort of, well ... inconsistent?

Makes a change for this shower of sh1te. They have been consistently sh1te for over 10 years.
I for one am very glad after seeing what they do at servicemen's and womens funerals in the states.

I just can't understand why they haven't been shot yet.

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