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Fusion man!

Well unfortunately he's called his trip across the channel off today due do poor conditions. (same SOP as the RAF then :wink: )

But on an aside I found the following in a bio of him, thought it was quite in keeping with the NAAFI.

"You do not cross Yves Rossy. He says that one of the most painful periods of his life was the collapse of Swissair in 2001. For several months, he found himself jobless until the new Swiss International Air Lines was born.

He has never forgiven the Swiss bankers who killed the old national carrier, so much so that when he found one of them on his plane the other day, he ordered the man off the flight. The banker refused and a huge row with the bosses ensued.

Yves was grounded for a week. 'I have no regrets. We must stand up to these disgusting, arrogant people.' "
He made it.

To Blighty & beyond

Keep an eye out for the other nutter going - sans parachute - in the opposite direction:

pedal-power blimp

'e 'as un couteau if eet all goes en forme de poire.
Not sure if it's to puncture the blimp or slit his own throat.
Must be pilot's privileges that he gets to take a semblance of a box cutter onboard :)

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