Discussion in 'Infantry' started by yakkers, Jan 17, 2011.

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  1. yakkers

    yakkers Clanker

    does any body know if or when the royal regiment of fusiliers are set to deploy to afganistan again?
  2. Rowley90

    Rowley90 Crow

    i was talking to the lads that came back last time in a bar in belgium they told me they were going back in 2012 i dont no if they were 1rrf or 2nd im sure they were 2nd rrf
  3. bateson

    bateson Swinger

    i think 1rrf are out again in apirl-ish and 2rrf next year cant be possative though
  4. yakkers

    yakkers Clanker

    cheers. ive also been told there back in 2013
  5. London_native

    London_native War Hero

    When i was on a insight course, a RRF recruiter from Birmingham said "1RRF are back out in 2013" at a brief.
  6. Delta-Dog

    Delta-Dog Old-Salt

    I have mates from depot at both bn's so if i hear from them i'll post it up for you.
  7. yakkers

    yakkers Clanker

    cheers peeps. was just wondering how long it would be after/if i pass out as a fusilier in september as to when i might get deployed out there.
  8. tom_peek

    tom_peek Clanker

    Hey, sorry if this is in the wrong thread etc, but I'm currently in the process of joining the fusiliers and have been booked on this 'look at life course' next week and wondering what it's about really and is there anything special I need?

    Recruiter has said he will explain everything at the brief and theres nothing on the Internet about the fusilier look at life course so any info would help alot!!

    Nice one
  9. Lechies

    Lechies Guest

    Learn to think for yourself and you shall find whatever you need, the internet is your friend.
    ...::: Welcome to the 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers website - Once a Fusilier, always a Fusilier! ...... Jason Curtis 2007 :::...
  10. tom_peek

    tom_peek Clanker

    Nice one lechies

    God for Harry, England and saint George!!
  11. Lechies

    Lechies Guest

    Get yourself onto the forum, introduce yourself and ask questions, you'll get sensible answers, the RRF are a family orientated regiment they've been deployed all over the place and have a wealth of experience.
  12. tom_peek

    tom_peek Clanker

    That's exactly why I want to join the fusiliers!!

    I'll get on it now. Cheers again.

    God for Harry, England and saint George!!
  13. kieranpaine

    kieranpaine Guest

    did anyone know Sargent major Paine in 2rrf ?
  14. tom_peek

    tom_peek Clanker

    I've heard fusiliers are back out to afghan in march 2012, and I pass out in August 2012, so if I get in the battalion that's out in afghan do you get sent straight there?
  15. If you do it will be a feather in your cap.!!!!!