Fusiliers threatened -Early Day Motion tabled.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Dec 2, 2004.

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  1. At the eleventh hour it has been proposed to cut one of the two remaining
    regular battalions of The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, who have drawn on men
    from the Warwickshire, East Worcestershire and Birmingham areas for over 200
    years. Every War Memorial within those areas will have at least one soldier
    who fought and died for his country in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
    predecessor the Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

    Two Early Day Motions have been put before Parliament and a Lancashire MP
    raised the matter in Parliament yesterday. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED. If enough
    MP's can be persuaded to support these motions then Parliament will debate
    this issue.

    Please contact your MPs now requesting that they sign this EDM Numbers 245 and 254.

    It is easy to find out who your MP is by following this link

    Then send an email to the address listed or telephone 020 7219 3000, ask for the name of your Member of
    Parliament unless you already know this.

    Give your name and the constituency in which you live and

    State that you request that your MP signs the Early Day Motion Number 245

    I am not aware that there can be any restriction on members of the armed
    services and civil servants contacting Members of Parliament, although they
    would be advised to avoid criticising Army policy, so please, go to it and it
    matters not whether your MP is Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat. The more MPs that support an EDM the more likely that it will be raised.


    Background information and EDM details:

    The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers was formed in 1968 from four of the oldest
    Regiments in the British Army:

    5th Foot - The Northumberland Fusiliers

    6th Foot - The Royal Warwickshire Regiment

    7th Foot - The Royal Fusiliers

    20th Foot - The Lancashire Fusiliers

    Andrew Selous (Con), a former RRF officer and now Member of Parliament, has tabled an Early Day Motion -


    Andrew Selous [R]

    Derek Conway [R]

    Mr John Baron [R]

    Mr Ian Liddell-Grainger [R]

    Mr Peter Atkinson

    Mr John Randall

    Mr Gregory Campbell

    Glenda Jackson

    Mr David Wilshire

    Dr Andrew Murrison

    Mr Malcolm Moss

    Mr Robert Key

    [R] Relevant interest declared

    That this House notes with grave concern that the Executive Committee of the
    Army Board is this week considering cutting a battalion of the Royal
    Regiment of Fusiliers; further notes that the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
    recruits in the constituencies of 105 honourable Members, and that that 1st
    battalion of the regiment won more awards in the invasion of Iraq than any
    other battle-group; further notes that the Regiment's 2nd battalion is the
    most Northern Ireland experienced light role battalion in the Army and will
    at the end of its current tour have completed 41 months operational duty in
    the Province out of a total of 51 months; and believes that the current
    over-stretch of the infantry means that no infantry battalions should be cut
    from the British Army.


    Mrs Lorna Fitzsimons

    Mr David Chaytor

    Mr Lindsay Hoyle

    Mr A.J. Beith

    Mr Graham Stringer

    Jim Dobbin

    Mrs Gwyneth Dunwoody

    Mike Gapes

    That this House notes with dismay the eleventh hour decision by the Director
    of Infantry to propose cutting one of the two remaining Fusilier battalions
    of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (RRF), the effect of which would be to
    make unsustainable the RRF, the one remaining Fusilier regiment in the
    British Army; thinks that it not fair and equitable to cut three large
    regiments of six or more sustainable battalions of the Queens Division
    representing 17 counties whilst retaining three battalions from a single
    county; believes that this breaks the Army's stated ambition of moving to
    super regiments of two or more battalions; notes that along with recruiting
    strength, sustainability and recruiting footprint it makes up the four most
    important success criteria the Executive Committee of the Army Board (ECAB)
    established; recommends that the ECAB support the proposal that the fourth
    battalion comes from a division that has not been cut historically in
    1970-92 as the Fusiliers were, that does not have the same strength and
    proven track record in recruiting to very high establishment numbers, that
    does not have as large geographic recruiting footprint and that would not
    destroy a division with three super regiments; and further believes that the
    ECAB's criteria are correct but they must stick to them to ensure the
    integrity of the review.

    Point of Order raised Tues 02 Dec 2004

    1.20 pm

    BM_41130_11_spnew0Andrew Selous (South-West Bedfordshire) (Con): On a point
    of order, Mr. Speaker. Given that we have learned in only the past few days
    that a battalion of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers could be cut and that a
    decision will be taken this week, have you received any indication that
    Defence Ministers intend to make a statement to the House? The cut could be
    made despite the fact that the 1st battalion won more awards during the
    invasion of Iraq than any other battle group and that the 2nd battalion is
    the most experienced Northern Ireland battalion in the British Army. Do you
    understand the depth of anger that will be felt if there is no ministerial
    statement on the matter before a decision is taken?

    For my part, expect Newspaper and other media coverage imminently. I have also contacted MP's that I know to ask them to support this EDM.


  2. E-mail sent to my Member of Parliament.
  3. Thanks Danvuk :D
  4. PTP,

    when the hell did this come to pass? I thought they had agreed who was for the chop? When did the RRF come into the equation?
  5. Dui-Lai

    This was suddenly sprung on us in the last few days. The first anyone knew about it, was when DInf stood up last week and said "All those who think they will have 2 Battalions after the latest review , one pace forward -STAND FAST THE FUSILIERS"

    I precis, but I think you get the whole rotten picture

    Mr PVR'd - Thanks for the support as well :)
  6. My MP has a prominent place on HCDC! :twisted:
  7. My MP is Joan Ruddock :cry:
  8. We all have a cross to bear :roll:
  9. Just sent mine of to P Viggers, Select Defence Committee!!!! 8O


    By the way, very sly and nasty to try and sneak in another battalion for the chop......but with this bunch of charlatans in power, it doesn't surprise me at all :roll:
  10. Tory down in Gosport, he'll be on side anyway, one would hope...
  11. Faxed Chris Mullen, not holding much hope though...
  12. Done.........we are lucky enough to have Michael Ancram QC
  13. It's been a bloody busy afternoon, well done all those who have helped thus far.

    It looks like one City Council is about to voice it's concerns strongly. I am also VERY pleasantly surprised that 2 female Labour MP's are about to join the EDM as well (allegedly) :D :D

    There should be more press and Media shortly, and possibly some TV on Monday (Possibly)

    Anyway, at least if we go, it won't be with a whimper


    Keep the fight going